Why I hate my iPhone 3GS Part 2.

Click Here for my first review.

Oh God i hate iPhone 3GS i can't even begin to tell you why! But let me try.

1. Mic is very soft. The other person can barely hear you!
2. SMS window will open where u left off. Often i sent to the wrong recipient!!
3. BLUETOOTH DOESN"T WORK! How the hell do i transfer files to other phone users?? CRAP!

4. No Zoom function?!
5. Camera button makes it difficult to snap self portrait!
6. Additional camera applications need to click SAVE EVERYTIME.
7. There's no PAUSE button for Video recording. What The!!!!

Notes & Calendars are just useless.
8. you can't make a task and put a reminder
9. No to-do list to check off
10. I can't figure out how to turn off my alarm without snoozing it! I had to open my clock, turn off then back on again for tmrw. Anybody else got a tip for this?
11. I actually bought an extra To-Do list app but guess what? The "alert" is only a badge on the application with not even a sound! Some REMINDER!

SYNCHING is always a problem
12. You can only sync with one computer
13. There's no option to override sync, you know like Palms can.

The only saving grace is their numerous GAMES applications.

There was an offer by Grange Communication to trade in your iPhone 3GS for Sony Ericsson's Xperia 10 for just $300 with a 7days money back guarantee. I wanted to go for it but where the hell can i get 300 bucks and not sure if i will like it too. A bit too scared now to take my chances. Have been having bad experiences with these Hi-Tech phones.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

re: 10- U can turn off ur alarm without snoozing by sliding the bar that u use to unlock the phone...

and I do hate that I can only sync with 1 computer n there's no bluetooth!

Jussaemon said...

Hmmm i tot i ever did slide the phone but the alarm sounded again. So i wanted to play safe and turn the bloody thing properly off. It's crucial as i dont want T to wake up!

Oh i also hafta say that the "END CALL" button is sooo huge and attractive that when i put the phone on speaker, T can't resist touching it thus ending the call! LOL