Mummy "It hurts" Walk of Shame.

Two more incidents that make me feel like a fool of a mother.


We were eating at KFC somewhere in JB and they had a mini playground with one of them single seesaws like the above picture. T wanted to climb it, Ayah guided him there but then decided against it when he saw it was too big for them. After awhile, I decided to let him go at it. Carried him to a sit and rocked the bugger and BAM! Tufeil's forehead hit the metal bar.

He threw his back and shook in extreme agony. It pained me to see him writhing like that. I managed to calm him enough to get him downstairs where my mum was. RED and BLUE BLACK circle was beginning to bulge.

I suddenly recalled Mak Ngah saying "Use ice". And I zipped to the counter and asked for ice and some tissues. I let my mum do the honour of pressing it against his bruise, though, while I tried soothing him. He kicked and wailed in pain.

In a few hours, Alhamdulillah, the swell reduced dramatically. This is his 3rd knock on the forehead. The last two times it took days to go away. And I couldn't help but imagine that if this was an episode of Desperate Housewives, they would have brought the baby to the hospital to check for concussion or something. But unfortunately, we are ordinary Singaporeans who don't bother with such things.


This happened just two nights ago. A drop of MY shampoo fell on to his arms and right at that moment, Tufeil also rubbed his eyes using that arm. He began to cry and say "DAHHHH" meaning DONE that signals his wish to come out of the shower.

In my panic, I ran water from the shower head to his face to wash away the chemicals causing him to freak out even more. But he was also quick to brush me off. And i tried a couple more times, i feel, without success. He wouldn't let me wash it off! Now that I've thought about it, I should have used my hands to cup some water instead of sprays from the shower as he's frightened of that.

Managed to distract him with the sponge a few times but everytime the next second he would cry again. I looked at his eyes, no more suds but still a bit red. When he insisted to go out, i resigned myself to finish bathing quickly and go.

He calmed down much when we got to our room to dress up - playing a dvd on the computer helped lots to appease him. He also asked for his milk and i relented seeing what the poor dear just went thru. In 15mins, he drifted to sleep and it was only 7.30pm!

Tufeil still hadn't had dinner and I was afraid he would wake up crying in hunger in the middle of the night. Thankfully he didn't but still woke up every 2 hours for milk as is usual.

The worst part of this is I'm sure he's now developed a phobia of showering and that hit me BIG time after all the trouble I went to instill fun at bath time.

Maybe I should get this for him. Hehe

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4 glasses of Juice:

The 6 of Us said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, these are quite "normal" accidents and learning/growing up experiences that most kids will go through, will make them "tougher" I reckon ;-)
In the 1st incident, I think you made the right decision to let T have a go on the see-saw (I don't think its too big for him at all, Hakim has been on lots of these before and managed just fine), but anticipating that he might bump his head unfortunately only comes with experience (or very careful observation which not everyone can do most of the time), so its ok to let yourself off the hook since its obvious that both of you have learned from this.
For the second incident, again its quite normal, I've had it happen before to some of my kids and I try to make light of it with them (after taking appropriate steps to wash off the soap etc of course) so that they can learn to cope with it and not let it be such a big deal. Also, I think it was better for you to use the shower to wash it off rather than cupping water, as its more efficient and effective that way. Kids usually don't like the shower-water or soap to flow down their faces, but I think the trick is not to avoid these totally but rather to try and get them used to it instead else the fear/dislike will stay with them.
Personally I don't believe in cotton-balling kids too much or being overprotective parents. However, these are just my experiences, and it might not necessarily apply to you and T 'cos different families are different :-) Most important is that you have your child's best interest at heart and you are trying your best, which is obviously what you have been doing, so keep it up k and good job so far!

Jussaemon said...

Thanks SIS!!!! Ok i feel much better now. Esp the note about the shower water.

Yah I dont want to be an over protective parent but i can't help it. Tapi ni pun kira I dah lax sikit tau!

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

lol it happens to me too babe!

I can even laugh at how he gets freak out by the falling water.. that just piss him off and scold me in his babble.. hehe and that shower thingy seems like a good thing! Where to get those? lol but somehow I know the kiddo will be interested to play with it rather than putting it to use.. hehe... ;)

Farhan said...

Hana squeezed a mouthful of toothpaste into her mouth once n it was the super pedas type.. well i dont have to describe wat happened next.. n getting things out of her mouth is harder than out of her eyes cos the eyes cant bite.. lol!