Two More Weeks to Go!

Ok... So its 8pm and im still in the office. Just finishing up actually. As usual its because the Paris Bosses are coming and i need to make 5 sets of report.

Stayed back last night too... But last night was better because 2 great kaki (friend/colleagues) were there too and we had fun laughing while finishing our work. Tonight its just the boss and me and now he's left already.

I'm still not finished but preparing for the stuffs to slot in on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, my temp will start on that day! I will have 2 full weeks to train her afterwhich she will be alone in the office with no other more exp staff around the next snr one also on maternity! LOL. She will also be coming just 3 days a week.

We have two weeks because i have more or less decided to start my maternity leave a week before my EDD of 24th Mar. Which basically means that by 3rd week of March ill be hanging around at home relaxing, playing game, treasuring the last few days with the hub at home as well as preparing for any more last minute items also should be doing lotsa walking...

A friend shared that during her time she wanted to work to the very last moment because she didnt think she could bare sitting around and waiting for the contractions to come at home. hehe... To be honest, i already feel anxious about the baby's arrival ... but i can't wait to sleep all day too! LOL

And about baby.... Strange... today it is rather quiet that its normal self. Yesterday i was complaining to Z that the baby's kicking me soooo hard and furious my tummy felt sore! Today the feeling was like... sombre... with only half hearted kicks and stretches. Should i start to worry? But i think it's still within 10 times a day... just not the usual level of activeness.

Today i almost went crazy with itchiness on the tummy too! I think it might be because of the pants. Its not tight ... just that it has got some ruffles where the elastic is that's making some kind of mark on the tummy and making me BONKErs!

Oklah... That's the update for tonight. I'm going off to pick up Z by cab from his class and then have dinner.

Night All.

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