My Preggy Tummy Nearly Got Poked

I boarded the bus to my antenatal class @ KK.

No. 57 single decker with only 4 seats on lower ground but ample space for standing passengers as well as wheelchairs. It was crowded.

2 Elderly Nyonyas boarded the bus somewhere from Fu Lou Shou Complex with bags of groceries. It had been raining and they had their umbrella sticks with them.

One of them was standing in front of me and suddenly raised her umbrella wanting to put it onto this empty panel as high as my ear level (remember i was sitting down) to my left. Somehow, she didnt quite get the aim right and actually poked my arm!!

I somewhat glared questioningly at the aunty as if to say, "HUH???" And she made a half sincere apologetic smile. I bet she didnt know i was pregnant and resented that i was sitting down. In retrospect, she could have hit my tummy by mere inches ok!!! Then Zubair would regret and feel guilty ALL his entire livelihood for not being there for me. HA HA HA... lol... Anyways, I didnt give up my seat because im selfish and i was afraid i'd fall. The driver was rather violent that day.

As i was about to alight, i almost almost almost wanted to tell this 40+ Malay guy to give up his seat for the aunties. Before i could muster enough courage, the bus had stopped and i alighted.

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