Hot Weekend

Lunch time last Week in the office proved a perspiring feat. But we still got late afternoon showers.

Over the weekend? it was like being GRILLED. and we were indoors! We can start to say bye bye to that breezy wind.

But last night was soooooooooooooooooo hot i cldnt sleep. I was in bed by 11... in between the heat, excitement over a present Zubair's received and baby's active kicking, i only managed a wink at midnight but came awake again sweating an hour later.

Took another hour to fall back to sleep and woken up at 4am. This time, too cold with the aircon and ceiling fan on as well as the standing fan not 1 metre away with no blanket.

So much so that i woke up this morning at 7:25am!!!!!! when we should have hit the road LATEST 7:35am.

=( i dont like being late.

Note to self: sleep earlier.

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