35th Week Check Up

18th Feb 09

Weighed in @ 67.6kg.

And that was after having lunch too! 5 weeks ago i was 66kg. I'm Soooo happy. I was afraid i'd go more than 70kg but i still have another 5 weeks or so to go so who's to say what can happen from now till then!

We waited for some 45min but only saw the doc for 5. Furthermore, it was a MALE doctor! Lucky Zubair didn't mind. While waiting i went thru many many times in my head of all the list of things to say / ask:

  1. Z's blood test result from last check up
  2. Why am i having rashes on my thigh? It cant be the stretch mark cream nor aloe vera cream i've been using cos i've used it a lot of time before. Could it be Bed bug? Lol
  3. What are the things i should pack to hosp?
  4. Who should i give my birth plan to?

He was in soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much of a hurry he made me feel... outrageous to be imposing on him questions he didnt have time for. But i didnt manage to weasel 2 answers out of him.

Ans to No 1: All ok
Ans to no 4: We dont entertain birth plan. (he even managed to smirk when i said i wanna try without epidural.)

He was in such haste to dismiss me that 3min later as i was waiting to make payment, the nurse had to call me back in. She said, "Doctor wants to ask you about your Blood sugar level." Bah! At the rate he was going, Of course he would miss A LOT of things to check! He recorded down my latest reading and said its still not so bad.

Because we didnt have an ultrasound scan done that day, he examined my tummy. and by examine i mean just stick the doppler ON my tummy, got the heartbeat and Done. Had to wipe my tummy on my own! Even poly wasn't as bad as that! They had attendants to help us clean up.

I didn't care and just interrupted his washing ritual and asked, "Where's the baby's head?" Carelessly he replied, "Down lor." As if i was such a duffer. Fortunately he was responsible enough to come back, have a feel and confirm, "Yeah there. can feel the hard head down there." And he had to wash his hands again. HA ha.

The reason i asked is because i've been feeling the kicks and stretchings on my sides and showed the gynae where. To that he said, "Yeah that's the correct place lah. If you feel the kicks below, then that's a breeched baby." Ahhh ok at least i actually LEARNT something.

In reflection, I can laugh at myself. I'm a Sengkek (stingy person) who demands for Private-class treatment. How can! *shake head*

At the payment and appointment counter, i asked if i can request for an additional ultrasound even tho the doc didnt order for it. The nurse asked me what kind of scan i want. Er... how many kinds are there? I just wanna see my baby and know how much he weighs! So i just shoot with,

Me: A Growth Scan?

and got reprimanded,

Nurse: For what you want a growth scan? U already did it what.
Me: Yeah but that was like 5 weeks ago
Nurse: Aiyah no need lah. Anyways there will be another one at 37 or 38 weeks.
Me: Which is like this next appointment.
Nurse: *faltered* But in any case, the doc didnt order for it. But he will lah for the following appt, dont worry.

So 2 weeks from now is actually 4th March. I requested for a day earlier. 3rd Mar!! Which is our anniversary!! Fancy going to the hosp on my bday and anniversary. =D *beaming*

After that was appointment with the dietitian.

She reviewed my readings and said hmmm quite ok but noted the highest ranges for after lunch and after dinner. She almost empathized with my situation when i said its getting more and more diff to control the urge.

She saw that i had some fast food and choc milk. While she was fiercely adamant that i CANNOT ABSOLUTELY take Choc milk, she also listed some of the fast food items that i can take. And some of the things are Thin Crust Pizza of Hawaiian, curry chix flavours, meat lovers but only 2.5 pieces of the LARGE size. Hey that's MORE than i can eat anyways. =) Fillet, nuggets and DOuble Cheese burger are also ok. In fact, i can still add 1 fruit serving along with it.

The irritating part tho is Z told on me, the kaki paoto (however u spell it)!!! He told the dietitian i still eat sweet stuffs and only just now bought Kuih tart. I mean c'mon i only ate 1 piece! Teehee... i know i know he's absolutely right, i have been having the sweet stuffs. but IT'S REALLY HARD OK TO BE DEPRIVED! At least, i can still say i have some control about it. As in, i dont eat them as freely as before, surely. Humph

It was 5pm by the time we finished with our appointments. Next is our Antenatal class @ 6:30pm. We managed to squeeze in dinner and a quick visit to the temporary Tekka Wet Market for Z to buy his darling GOAT meat.

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4 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

At least you only waited 45 mins for a 5 mins check up. I had to wait more than an hour for a 5 mins check up. And yes, they only do the doppler scan to hear the heartbeat and that's it. Next time I'm going private! There's ultrasound scan every visit!

Jussaemon said...

yup! I told Z the same thing to. We're sooo going private the next time around! Let's hope we can afford it by then! =)

norza said...

haha..kaki paoto. thats a nice one. all the best, sis! do sms me when u have given birth ok. :)

Jussaemon said...

Dont worry babe i will! *tgh rasa seram sejuk ni!*