URGENT: ARABIC Tutors Needed for 2 students!

I have two families requesting for an Arabic Tutor.

1. Yew Tee. Pri 4 boy. Weekend Madrasah. Subject: Arabic

2. Woodlands Blk 531. Pri 3 Full time Madrasah.

Interested please email me.

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2 glasses of Juice:

al_ankabut said...

Juls, when do they want to start lesson...
looking at my condition, kesian pulak if i teach them...

Jussaemon said...

Yo Spider hehe...

oh they've found teachers already Alhamdulillah. very quickly snapped up by other pple not even thru this ad.

I also got new student sungguh2 nak start ngaji sanggup nak dtg my house suma... tapi kesian pulak klw baruuu jer start abih kena rest 2 bulan... takut terencat.. but then again is it also better to just get it started while there's still passion for it?