Love Matters the movie

Ash and I went to catch a local movie.

It's been a long time since we went out. She's been very busy working!

Managed NOT to buy any popcorn nor nachos. Thank god. Monday's crowd is good. as in no long Qs. And the movie started screening since a few weeks ago which meant we didnt need to book online to secure good seats. And because we paid by nets it was only $6 per ticket as opposed to $10 on weekends.

We were 10min late. And after 10min, Ash said, "So far im bored." To me i was still ok... Mostly when i start a movie, i am always determined to finish watching it no matter how boring it is. Because i know it will haunt me later thinking, "So what happened in the end?" You wont catch me sleeping in a movie. Well... except for LOTR the first. LOL. Strange since i enjoyed reading the book!

In any case, i cried a few times in this movie. I felt so connected with it. I wish i was as strong as the leading female character to state what I feel clearly. Sighh...

However, dont be fooled... this movie is really very funny. Nonetheless the moral of the story remained clear and strong - a trademark of Jack Neo.

For $6, totally worth it.

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Anonymous said...

I watched this movie when I was in Singapore! It was really good.