Coping with First Stage of Labour

We arrived 2mins after 6:30pm.

Had to take off our shoes at the door. and sit on yoga mats. WOW!!! This is soooo gonna be hands on tonight. Zubair would totally NOT be bored.

True enough. The physiologist didnt even go thru slide by slide to explain the details of 1st stage of labour. Instead, she made it very interactive indeed.

First, we went thru the SIGNS of Labour:

1. A Show

- which is actually the mucus plug that's been keeping ur baby safe inside the waterbag (imagine a CORK) being expelled vaginally.

- colour is brownish red and is normally just one gush/spot.

- no need to go to hosp just yet.

- is different from bleeding (bleeding redder and steadier flow) in which case u HAFTA go to hosp.

2. Contractions

- As far as possible, try to labour at home. Wait till contractions are 10 - 15min apart before going to the hosp unless you can't cope with the pain.

- Where to go? Delivery Suite, 2nd Floor Women's Tower. Alternatively, can also go to Basement 1 and they will wheel u up but DONT go to the emergency room, it will take LONGER. How ironic!!!!!

3. Waterbag Burst

- Odourless colourless

- Different from urine leakage in terms of colour and odour. like Duh. And that if you contract ur pelvic muscle, it still flows means its waterbag (aka amniotic fluid).

- You have 2 hours from now to take a shower, pack ur bag and check in to the hospital's delivery suite. IMP: DON"T RUSH.

A new thing i learnt is that between the 1st and 2nd stage of labour, there is a transition stage where you will feel a strong urge to push but you're NOT ALLOWED to. This is because your cervix is not dilated yet and can cause trauma to the cervix and/or baby if you insist on pushing!

So what can you do to NOT Push? Do the Fu-Fu-Ahhhhhhh breathing technic. LOL. That is actually 2 short breath blows and a long one. Dont know what its actually called. But if you keep on doing this, you will find that you have no time to even think of pushing. Or so she said. Otherwise, i'd say JUST CLOSE UR LEGS lah! LOL Also, try to lie on your SIDEs instead of back to ease the pressure of baby on ur cervix.

While having contraction pains, its best to remain UPRIGHT for gravity to pull ur baby down naturally. But LEANING FORWARD will ease the pressure off ur lower back. You can be in this position while standing (facing and leaning against the wall, or ur back to the wall) or sitting at the edge or a chair or straddling it. Rocking ur pelvis right and left will also give a soothing rhythm.

Now... massages.... There are 4 technics that she showed us. I have no idea how to note them in words. So i just hope Z will remember them in his mind. The only thing i can describe are:

  1. the massage is better done with no clothes in between to cause friction. Better still, use vegetable oil (for massage) for smoother flow
  2. Do not rub the spine too hard else it may cause injury. Light ones ok
  3. Tip to be good masseuse: Ask for feedback - too hard too soft?

We finished 45min earlier than scheduled! But that by no means we went home empty headed. I was really satisfied with today's lesson i can't wait for the next one. Oh if only Z could come for the 2nd stage and Labour Rehearsal class. Sheesh!

(Thank god the chilled goat meat didnt give off any embarrassing smell.)

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Caca, just to share.. regarding the breathing so as not to push.. some call it as I-Will-Not-Puuuussshh... really funny..

and abt the upright position during contractions, you can also lean on to Zubair and he can massage ur back at the same time, and rock together.. like a slow dance :)

Jussaemon said...

heheheh klakkar!

Slow dance sey... But yeah she also didnt mention the standing on staircase like a crab one foot below the other foor one step higher. Cant remember whats the "technical term" is.

Red Sky in the Morning said...

wow! 32 days left! :) Jia you babe!
All the way!