First Antenatal Class

During my first visit to KK Hospital back in Dec, i also signed up for the antenatal class, which Zubair was quick to say he doesnt need.

Their next class would actually end mid of March, too near my EDD. So the kindly officer put me into some make up classes so i cld finish earlier. Even then, i didn't start straight away. I felt the first 3 lessons were too... basic since im already quite far in my pregnancy. Recommended to start at Week 16 when im already Week 29?

So finally i went to the class yesterday covering the topic, PARENTCRAFT - Caring for your own baby.

Firstly, i received a goodie bag!

I groaned at the two bagsful of goodies. I really liked them but too heavy for me to bring it home. Z, of course, didnt come along. I was the only one without their spousal support, damn it! Sure, he was out to find money but....

I was sooo excited i saw in the first row! I was also the first to arrive. There was a baby doll and a changing station in front of the class already.

So firstly, the instructor told us how the baby will most likely look like when its been delivered. Means whats normal and whats normal.. like some patches of blood is normal cos their policy is not to wash with water on the first day just yet etc etc...

Next are about the common problems infants will have eg: Vomitting, Diarrheoa, Constipation, Thrush (ulcer in the mouth) and cradle cap. How to care for it, How to treat it at home, when to go to doctor/hospital.

Saving the best for last is how to bathe the babyyyyyyy!!!!! I was sooooooo looking forward to this cos im sooooooo afraid of this part.

REMEMBER: At all times, hold ur slippery, fidgety, tiny baby by his armpit.

The speaker highly recommends COTTON NAPKIN as opposed to diapers esp for newborn in the first month.

The nicest part of it is... it was definitely safe to ask very basic and/or silly questions. I asked her, "How to clean the baby after he passes urine/stool?" Others asked like is it alright to use powder on baby, to use plastic underwear over the napkin, use creams etc.

(Answers: 1. just wash like u would, or use cotton ball soaked with cooled boiled water. 2. it IS alright to use powder but better to pour on ur palm and pat the excess away THEN rub on baby. 3. CAN wear plastic underwear but will be just like wearing diaper. 4. Creams are ok but always test on a small patch of skin on baby. If he's sensitive to it, it will show in 5min.)

Finished at 8:10 thereabout which is very early! But all the shops were beginning to close already as visiting hours were also over. I wanted to take a look at the First Few Years shop. The strollers look mighty fine. =)

There's another class on tonight. Topic will be Coping with First Stage Labour. Can't wait to know what am i in for.

4 WEEKS TO GO TO FULL TERM. 6 WEEKS TO GO TO DUE DATE. Im soooooooooooooo not prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby's progress:

Been kicking me harder than ever!

Last night i talked to him. "Are you hungry baby? ok ok i drink milk for u ok? Just let me clear the room first before your dad comes home." and his kicking ceased.

But of cos he was hungry! I didnt eat anything last night save for 2 sticks of garlic bread from Delifrance. By the time i reached home, it was sooo late and didnt feel like eating the heavy nasi briyani that was dinner.

However, because i was up till past 1am, i cldnt stand it any longer and toasted 1pc of sausage for myself and 2 for the daddy. Hmmm should have been the other way around na?

Also, i read the weekly progress it said its normal to feel some tingling in lower abdomen at this last last stage. At first i tot it was just the baby pushing down my bladder or something.. but its actually the pelvic muscle adjusting and preparing for labour! my lord!

Oh yes my tummy has also been feeling itchy. Its not mosquito bite itchy... its more like... tickling feather kind of itchiness. like from the inside! I imagine its his head of hair tickling me but is it possible? His head is down 4 weeks ago and the itch is high up near the belly button.

I dont know if the weighing machine in our house is faulty or what but the needle doesnt seem to go any higher when i step on it.

oh can't wait for my next check up in another week!

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Caca, i think it's imperative that Zubair attends the class on labour. U will definitely need his support at that time, and he has to know what to do, how to comfort, how to help when you are in so much pain, right? just a tot..

Jussaemon said...

Totally Agreed. to be fair, Z also mentioned his interest actually. Just that he's all fulled up weekday evenings. HUMPH.

Trying to get him to go to the 2nd stage labour class. Otherwise ill just hafta relay to him wat the instructor say lor.

N said...

Just three things to remember about labour.

a) Pain relief.
b) Hubby to take the abuse (physical and verbal) as part of labor process.
c) Socks in the labour room.