Work Updates

1. FC's assistant has tendered her resignation.

NOBODY, i tell u NOBODY can stand the FC lah. She has no qualms raising her voice or talking DOWN to even the CEO. ESP if she detects weakness / niceness in that person ie pple like me.

Because the asst hasnt yet finished probation period, her notice is only for a week! and we, the girls, are having lunch together later today @ secret Recipe.

It would be a happy gathering full of gossips. But for a very sad reason. We will have one less fun colleague to work with. *CRY CRY CRY*

Fortunately for her, she's found another job already

2. But we have a new French guy who started yesterday.

Both the boss and office mgr are not in, so me and the other French guy had to help out with orientation? I surprised myself by making fluid conversation with him asking How he's settling here in Spore after the weekend? He said they have trouble adjusting to the warm weather after coming from -1 degree in Paris! Their 8 month old baby is taking it badly. Coincidentally last weekend was unusual HOT for Feb.

His work station is right next to mine. So i get to hear a lot of French. It feels a bit odd cos i've always been surrounded by ladies. Also, he's rather tall so can peer into my cubicle just by craning the neck. Hmmmmm...

3. The IT guy asked me, "Are you pregnant?"

LOL... im amused that some pple still cant notice my preggy tummy immediately. Granted, he's only seen me sitting down. Yesterday he asked me to take a look at the copier why the print out is not coming.. unconsciously i rubbed my tummy to soothe the baby's kicking, that's when he noticed.

After that he was allll for excusing me from doing "heavy stuff" but i kept saying "No lah its ok no prob at all." He wont even let me stand. LOL.

No wonder my friends missed being pregnant. Pple mostly always give in to us. Like that time i was arranging to go out with a single girlfriend and she said, "Ok anywhere that's easy for u lah." Of course easy for me is Causeway Point, but then it wont feel like really going out, so i chose town anyways.

Hopefully, pictures coming soon.

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