Baby Things Shopping!

So i was on leave the past two days. It was nice to get to sleep in and stay up late. hehe

The purpose of the leave was to springclean the room before the baby comes and prepare whatever other things it may need.

On Sunday, working for almost 3 hours, i managed to get a headstart to the spring cleaning clearing out the wardrobe. Now the tudung drawer is all nicely folded. It used to be in a BIG MESS i had to forage around throwing all out to search for a matching scarf every night and then dump it all backed in in sheer disarray. i threw away 1 big bag of old clothes (to be recycled that is).

Now that was out of the way, Mon i worked on the bag, books and toiletries section of the wadrobe. I even managed to empty one big section where files and bags used to be. Can put more baby stuffs in there. This resulted in two bags to be thrown away. one containing old bags and dustry paper bags that i dont care to keep any longer. This took me 1.5hrs

Now today Tuesday... is the best part of the preparation... SHOPPING. initially wanted to go to Jurong POint but we prioritised sleep so just ended up at causeway point. We went to just one shop ie Mothercare because Z was pressed for time. Thankfully the kind sales assistant allowed us to use my sister's membership just by giving her my sis' contact no.

These are the things we bought:

  1. Changing Mat @ $6.93
  2. BABY CARRIER (Mothercare brand with 3 ways) @ $80.10
  3. BMilk Storage the plastic thingy Lansinoh brand @ 16.20 for 25pcs
  4. Newborn Huggies 24pcs @ $6.93
  5. 2 x newborn vest @ $11.70
  6. Nursing bra @ $38

Total $170.93.

Am very satisfied with my buys. But did forget to buy another tube of Stretchmark cream and baby bedsheet.

I would say im almost completely ready for baby's arrival now, in terms of material save for stroller. As for everyday toiletries. Im hoping to use from hospital's sample for the first few days first.

Speaking of which... i will need an electric breast pump. I already have the manual one from my sis for the first few tryouts. But with my injured hand,i think i will NEED the electric one. Does anybody has one to LOAN or to sell???

Let's just hope i can be mentally and physically ready for the baby in a timely manner.

PS: Yayyy my boss said the temp will start this thurs!!

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2 glasses of Juice:

Sandra said...

Wow, only 26 days until baby comes. Did you have a baby shower? Or maybe not custom there, but great way for friends and family to get baby gifts for you.


Jussaemon said...

Heya Sandra!

Yeah man i've been having the jitters! All night been dreaming about having contractions! LOL

Nope we dont normally do Baby Showers since the baby hasnt actually arrived tho i DO agree its sensible in some ways. we only have a celebration normally like 1month after?