2nd Stage of Labour

So it was my first day back to work in the week yesterday and was sooo rushed to finish a report that by the time i realise it, it was already 6:15pm.

I dashed to the taxi stand and $12.35 and 18min later i reached KK just in time for the class to start.

I was quite disappointed that it wasnt the same physiotherapist though as i was looking forward to her class. However, the more disappointing part is that its more a revision of 1st stage of labour which i had just done the week before (other couples done many weeks before) because im actually attending a make up class.

The new stuff that she showed us was the C sitting position. She admitted that the best position for delivery is squatting with the natural help of gravity but that its not agreeable in hospital environment as you'd be strapped to machines. So instead they will bring the back of the hospital bed as vertical as possible and propped against a pillow we should sit as upright as possible with Thighs to open as wide as possible bent at the knees and hands holding on to ankle or the bed rail.

So embarrassing that we ALL had to practise to be in that position and furthermore i was alone. Thankfully the couple opp me against the other wall is quite far aways. In that position, we were told to do the bulge and push (??) technique during contractions. By this time, it should be coming every 3-4 min lasting for 2 min. We were told to lean back against the pillow, breathe deep filling ur tummy OUT, then face down, breathe out and PUSH. As u run out of breath, face up again to take another breath.

The first round, most of us were doing 4 breaths in 2mins. But the instructor said that its ok to be doing 6 - 8 intakes within that 2min so as not to be holding our breath.

Then at the crowning stage when you're NOT supposed to push, you should employ the pant-pant-blow technique which is expelling 2 short breaths and 1 long one. Doesnt matter how or what u say in between as long as there are 2 short and 1 long breaths out.

The other thing she skimmed for us is common postnatal problems such as backache and stuffs and how to overcome them by tilting ur pelvic bone until ur back is straight against the wall and maintaining good posture. *YAWN*

Just as well that Z wasn't there or he'd be soooooo turned off by antenatal classes. By the end of the class, which ended 40min earlier than scheduled, I swore that if she had said "as well" one more time, i'd punch her face. She was practically ending every other sentence with "As well" even when it was inappropriate!! Jeez!

But poor her. I think she was being evaluated in the class because she said she has a "colleague" with her that night who didnt say anything but just observed with a pen and paper on hand.

I did pose a question though, "How would the hospital view any other birthing position like on all fours?" She said its not advisable but you can consult ur doctor for that. But i told her, "I come from poly, and the doctor said that they dont entertain birth plan. So i dont know really who to tell my favourable position to." Her answer? "Maybe you can try to give it to your obstetrics?" I just nodded but inwardly i was doing a mental eye rolling like, "HELLO???? Have u been listening to me??? ERgh!"

There's another class tonight for Admission, spousal support and video. I'm not going since there's no spousal support attending and i can't bear to watch a real video.

So there!

PS: Oh God i'm sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooo extremelyyyyyyyyyy sleepyyyyyyyyyy. Please Lord let me have a good night sleep tonight.

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6 glasses of Juice:

Aka Pamela S. said...

Good Luck for your delivery. What I found that helped that your husband/midwife/gynae/whoever is delivering with you help do a 10 second countdown when u push.

When u start a push, u keep the push for at least a 10 second count and have someone verbally count it out loud for u so that u don't have to concentrate on counting and just close ur eyes, grit ur teeth and just PUSH!

All the best!

Jussaemon said...

Hi Pamela,

Thanks for the tip! I wouldn't have known otherwise that im supposed to push for 10s! =)

Anonymous said...

chill babe chill!

just PUSH when its time and you will DEFINATELY know when it is :)

May you have a safe and smooth delivery. InshaAllah.


'AZma said...


IF, IF i'm not mistaken, the SS Nurse who attended to my labour was couting out loud... but I almost always never succeeded to hold on to 10secs, because, simply because I found it very hard. heh.

Jussaemon said...

yeah lah u went thru 30 odd hours of labour. understandable babe.

Anonymous said...

FYI and other mommies out there:

When : Now till 1st March

Time: Fri n Sat 11 am to 9 pm

Sun 11am to 8pm

Where: Spore Expo Hall 6B