37th Week Check up

3rd Mar 09

Got reprimanded (sorta) by the gynae for two things:

  1. Not going to the hospital the moment i noticed decreased movements
  2. Not doing my Blood Sugar Level for the past two weeks

Re No. 1, She said that its IMPORTANT that i go to the hosp to get a heartbeat check on the baby once i notice decreased movements in the baby because dont wanna risk anything to happen to it.

That day when i noticed it was moving very slowly and somewhat lethargically, i tot i'd wait and see how the next day went first before going to hosp. And the next day he got slightly more active and by the 3rd he was up to his usual self so everything's fine now.

Re No 2, She said it is crucial that i keep monitoring my blood sugar level so they can roughly gauge how the baby is doing inside. I apologised and said will do it the next day. She said that i can even do it every other day if i want to. Yes i want to... just need to go and buy some more supplies. Aiyah.

I weighed in @ 68.4kg!!! 800gm increase from 2 weeks ago! I hope i won't hit 70kg tho... that would be an awful lot to lose after delivery man!

It was our wedding anniversary day but the guy was fast asleep at home after an all nighter! So i had to go to the check up alone. Oh whatever... all the better in fact so i could catch up on my reading. BAH. Like the ad says, "Who needs a man when you have HArvey Norman?" Lol.

The gynae today was very nice... not so flustered that i managed to wriggle some answers out of her. I managed to tell her that i have very itchy skin to which she prescribed calamine lotion. I also asked her when's the next ultrasound gonna be. Her answer, "Oh there wont be anymore ultrasound because you can be due anytime soon. But if not, maybe 38th - 39th week." Oh well ok as long as she feels my baby is good and healthy lah. We'll meet him when we see him. =)

It was a good fortune for me that one of the 11 bestfriends delivered @ the same hosp just the day before my check up! So i went to see her first and got a detailed story of her birth right down to the minute detail as well as what to bring etc. Too many tips to write down here and i wanna go for a nap now... sooo... ill just write down MY own birth story when the time comes lah. Dont wanna spoil it for her also.

Next check up is in a week's time, 12th mar 09. EDD: 24th Mar 09. Eyow!

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6 glasses of Juice:

erin said...

Insha'Allah I'll make dua for you for a smooth & quick delivery :)

Jussaemon said...

Thanks babe!

widzgeek said...

Eh beb, I totally forgot that day was your 2nd year anniversary. Anyway happy belated, it seems that my son's bdae is just a day before.. senang nak ingatkan?

Anyway, take care and enjoy your MTB days okay! Nanti, leh join kita in motherhood.

Jussaemon said...

And yours is 28/3! Our EDD is near each other's anni right~

hheh sempat awak comment kat sini even with the new baby! See you tmrw babe!

Red Sky in the Morning said...

:) Hey dear
So sorry for the belated wishes! Hope you had many happy returns of the wonderful day! And my prayers are for you insyallah your delivery will be smooth sailing!! :) Banyak berdoa and Jia you babe!

Jussaemon said...

NO lah no need to be sorry. I dont expect the wishes from anybody else. Even when HE said it in advanced, i replied, "What's so happy about it?"