Saturday went past just like that because we slept super late... we woke up DUPER late.

I was nice lazing around in bed till 3pm.

and then we NAPPED some more!! 7:30 to 11:30pm!

One thing touched my heart that day. Zubair was talking to Ammi. And then later said to me, "Give me baby lah!! I'm old already (coming to 28 this Oct)... Men my age already got 3 yr old baby"

Me growing up reading fictions from the west, am used to the idealogy that guys in general are afraid of commitment and are baby-phobic.

But that is not the case for Z. He's the one who can't wait for a baby or rather babies. He suggested to go see a doctor for it but i told him, "Let's wait till Jan 2009"

Why? Because i only got off the pill last Dec. And it might take up to 6 months for the condition to normalise. Then i reckon it will take another 6 months to beat the odds of 50-50 to conceive(since most of my friends got hitched at 3rd month). So there.

In a way i regretted taking those pills. But in many ways i am grateful that i did. Well, If i had gotten pregnant a year ago, i think i'll be dead with the stress since one year later, Z still hasnt got a job. Imagine being pregnant and the sole breadwinner! No no no.. im strong but NOT that strong.

But really, i am afraid of the challenges that will accompany the arrival of our own baby. Mainly, im concern about the finances. Hoping against hope that Z will already get a job then, we will still be struggling cos then we need our own house. Cos my parents already told me that my mum can't take care of another baby, which is just as well cos i want to call Ammi ji to look after the baby. But of course we need to house Ammi properly. ie need to buy our own house. With that, not only do we hafta think about the baby expenses, also the new house purchase and household expenditure. ARGHHHH

Sometimes i think, its better not to think.

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6 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

I thought that way too, but a year later we discovered we needed medical intervention in order to conceive, so I regretted not having the check up done much earlier.

Though it's true that conception does take time, I would strongly suggest for you two to undergo the basic blood tests and sperm analysis, and be assured that every thing's fine.

Jussaemon said...

Purple... Hmm.. thing is funds is low. :(

Anonymous said...

Why does medical have to be so costly? My husband has to undergo a test soon and it's gonna cost us USD 800, not covered by insurance :(

Nami said...

Medical is expensive. Medical is more expensive when you have a child. Need to save.

Anonymous said...


If your menses are regular (ie 28-30 days cycle), I don't think you'd have to worry so much abt medical check-ups. As for Z, well, guys don't get obvious symptoms like us...

Give it a year or 2 wout medical intervention so you can save the funds for other needed expenses. and yes, a house is freaking ex to maintain! :)


Jussaemon said...

Ok i just heard from my mgr that the fertility test at a private clinic costs S$150. Even then, the doctor won't do any physical check if your menses is regular blardi blardi bla...

So i imagine the same test would cost about $50 at polyclinic? If they provide such service which im hoping they would.

BUt yeah prolly i'll wait another month or so. Cos im finally getting the signs that im ovulating alright.

Let's see how it goes. InsyaALlah Ameen.