What Lunch?

Yesterday was the first time in my 2yrs career at this current employment that i get to go to a client's office.

Me and S were listening to PM's presentation on our online ceritificate system.

We reached High Street at about 10:45am and it lasted till 12:20pm.

I rejoiced. It's Lunch time!!! Think about ALL the places you can go to eat at City Hall! McDonalds, KFC, Sakura, LJS, and of course, KOMALAS!!!!!

But can you believe it? The rest of the gang wanted to go back to the damned office!!! OMG! I totally can't believe it tau. What the hell do they wanna go back to office for?? It's lunch time for god's sake! It's totally boring to be restricted to eat the food 1km radius from ur office. Gosh i really dont understand!

I voiced out my intention of going to have lunch at City Hall like twice. But they all like turn a deaf ear on me! And then i remembered i dont have my book with me and that if i were to lunch on my own would be oh so boring!

But i ended up bored anyway with 1 sausage roll and 4 small pieces of jemput2 (banana balls) for lunch in the office.

IM BAWLING MY EYES OUT!!! My poor Batthura is missing me... and I it.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Umer f.k.a Miss Sue said...

Oh poor dear! Head there after work! hehe.. oh gosh when I was working in Raffles Place I seek every opportunity to travel out of that area during lunch time! I can go as far as Geylang, Chinatown or Bugis to have the food that I want and I would even go on my own much so I only eat around that area (golden shoe, lau pa sat,clifford pier..this was three years ago!) once a week :)and hehe yes Komala's is one of my fav too or else I head next door (City Hall) if I want some meat. hehe I'm a bit of the carnivore.. need my protein!

Jussaemon said...

Whoa... sampai geylang eh! dahsyat betul. teehee... i am also a meat person!!! Where do u go for non-vegetarian halal indian food in around town?

pipsqueaks said...

Hey girl, am looking around to get an NDSL. Do update on it! Thanks!