Kismat Konnection

So we went to watch this at Jade on Sat 10:30pm!!

The moment Zubair saw me at the arranged venue, he said, "Before we start our date, i want you to promise not to argue with me for the whole of tonight. We always end up arguing when we go to Jade."

The movie? It was ok i guess... but nothing, nothing can beat Khuda Ke Liye in my eye.

At first i thought Shahid Kapoor is such a looker... But at times, he looked so.... ordinary... So my infatuation didnt actually set in.

Now this new lady actress is rather cute in a very simple, clean way. I despise those who wear short skirts and display their top half playing their sexual cards to get to the top, but not this girl. At least, not in this movie. Her short hair is also something i find refreshing.

Movie finished at 1:30am. I groaned at the thought of walking all the way to Orchard. AGAIN! So i suggested, "Hey! Wanna eat satay at Lau Pa Sat?" And Boy was he game for it! But a tiny bit of regret for suggesting it cos it also took some 20 - 25min walk. and then after dinner, we walked another 10min to Clarke Quay to take our bus. Oh God. Just as well that we had satay. All the fats are burnt up!

Nope no arguments at all. Alhamdulillah.

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3 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

After seeing the movie Bhool Bhulaiyan, where this particular actress played the role of a schizophrenic woman, I always see her as a bhootni. She looked so scary in that movie.

Renmark said...

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Mrs Umer f.k.a Miss Sue said...

yeap.. Vidya Balan has been pretty decent in most of her movies. I liked her opposite Akshay Kumar (hehe.. my fav!) in Heyy Baby.. oh gosh its been so long since I had my weekly Hindi movie flicks outings!! The last movie I watched was Race which was ages ago!!! Nvm.. after the delivery ;)