My Weekends Seem Longer now,

That i have postponed restarting my Saturday classes.

Fri night. My initial plan was to let Zubair watch Madu Tiga (A Malay B&W film by the legandary P Ramlee) since National Museum was having a free outdoor screening.

But first thing first. Dinner at Sakura. It was nice how, unplanned, we met with Colour coordinated clothes. Ok not that it was hard because we both were wearing all black but still! like ESP! And it was even Nicer when he came up to me (i was first to reach the restaurant) and said, "Wah. so Beautiful today." I suppose it HAD been quite some time since i wore make up. My heart LEAPT giant leaps at that. :D

By the time we finished eating, we seemed to have so many errands. I wanted to get my POpiah from Qi Ji at Bugis first and Zubair wants to get his tea from ToastBox also at Bugis.

So we walked there. On the way, We passed by the Central Library and stopped to pick up 2 books. And then i insisted on finishing the last 10+ pages of the current book i'm reading so i could return the book and reduce the weight of my bag. Z suggested i finish reading while he's having tea.

And then suddenly i felt overwhelmed by the so many things we wanted to do and felt couldn't make it to the 8pm show at the National Museum which was a good 10min walk away. So i cancelled that plan and ended up watching Thora Magic Thora Pyar instead at, none other than Jade Cinema.

Disappointment No 1 for that night: Qi Ji was closed! I dont know why! I was there like 8:45pm!

Bought the tickets and walked back to the library to drop the book before they close and walked back just in time for the movie to start.

MOVIE REVIEW: Very nice, heartwarming family-genre movie. Of course the ending is quite predictable but its nice anyway. Though Z thought that the songs suck, I found them otherwise. And Lazy Lamhe kept resounding in my mind for the rest of the night.

I dont know what's wrong with me, but i really thought NR2 serves the bus stop directly in front of Shaw Towers. When i looked again that night, there's no indication on the sign.

On we walked to Orchard like that night. Same route all the way. Of course, we being us, our walk was peppered with argument. But the good part is, he was quick to console me. Indeed he had to cos i was only joking and he took things seriously! However, i also got his point. That HE also wanted to be consoled by ME when i saw that he got offended by my joke.

Disappointment Part 3: We had to stand all the way home from Orchard in the bus. But that's not all. There was a SUPER LONG traffic jam leading towards the Causeway (the bridge between Singapore and Malaysia) that prolonged till like 1km of the expressway! We were inching so slowly forward and journey time doubled to 1 freaking hour!

I had a mind to tell these 2 White guys sitting down, "Would you like to offer your seat to me? I'm 3 months pregnant (not true)" knowing that they are gentleman enough to give in. But i resisted and stood all the way.

Reached home 2am.

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