Last thursday was our last Pilates / Dance Conditioning class. (Left 2 sessions of Groove Blast Dance class).

I find that i really cannot do the Table Top Stretch, Where u get to the above position, that lift up one leg without shifting your weight to the other side, then raise your opp hand as well. Not so much because im getting fatter... rather bcos of my hand injury.

However, im glad that i've stuck thru all the classes thus far, except once when i forgot, not out of laziness. Well $30 (the cost for the 12 lesson class) IS precious to me so can't be wasting it.

I've been religious going thru that obnoxious Afro Latin Cardio class... tiring as it is... only looking forward to the dinner treat w Zubair afterwards. Ha ha But after having gone for the 3rd time last Tues, im getting the hang of it. I think i might even miss it when its over!

But still... my left hand feels so... STIFF! While my right palm can twist and flick and whatever nonsense... my left looks .......

Anyways, i found out at the normal rate for a 12week Hip Hop lessons is $450!!! And they have 4 levels! I swear when i have money to spare i will do just that man!

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