Chaotic Chaotic Day!!

Tonight we will be checking in to The Sentosa Resort & Spa (previously known as the Beaufort) for our annual Asian Marine Seminar (which is just a good excuse for a retreat).

I had a bit of heart attack trying to arrange how Zubair would meet me. First Ayah said that he is going to the mosque tonight but if Z needs a lift, he can meet him at Novena at 9pm. So i decided to bring the luggage to the office cos i dont wanna wait till past 10pm then i can wash up.

Then i realised that i need a car pass coupon to let my parents enter Sentosa for Free. Its a hard copy coupon and i cant email it thru. Neither do i have no way to pass it to him also. Heart pumping faster now.

So its a relief when i heard that we can claim taxi fare, i decided Z should just come thru cab and Ayah can continue with his program.

Then, i got a panic attack. I havent finished doing a presentation for the seminar! Albeit a 5min one, still i wanna give a good impression lah.

Me and a colleague, an underwriter (the person who assesses risks and decide to insure them at what rate), have been assigned to churn up ideas on how to grow the business within the newly arranged trade sectors, and we got the Remover Trade Sector.

Then He, my colleague, had gone unexpectedly on leave yesterday and asked ME to do up the powerpoint presentation. That's absolutely fine by me.... IF there is any material! Ok there are points already that we come up with but i cant seem to integrate it to HIS presentation template.

Now guess what? He's done a runner on me! He came in this morning. Thank god i've caught him by the neck and ran thru what to put down for the presentation. After lunch, he smsed the mgr saying he's sick and got 2 days of MC, sorry he can't go to the seminar in Sentosa!! So that means i hafta do it all on my own!

He's on ROD mood, you see. (He's moving back for the UK office end of this month!) No wonder he replied, "Excellent" to my suggestion email to the Class Manager for his opinion on our ideas. He was gearing me up to do the presentation on my own!

Lunch was another hectic affair. First i had to rush to my dance class. which was horrible bcos the usual instructor lost her voice and got replaced by a guy and he was god damn cheeky! I wish he was gay instead. GRRRRRR But most of us felt disappointed that we didnt get to do any routine steps. Instead he was guiding us SUPER SLOWLY to LA Walk, UPbeat downbeat (to add to the groove to simple side steps) bla bla bla...

Next i dashed all the way to International Plaza for my pedicure appointment. I reached there 15min earlier than my 1.30pm appointment in the hope that they could finish up with me pronto so i could get back to the office before the cut off time 2pm. (My does this sound like Amazing Race or what) But did they start any earlier? No. My feet got soaked up for the good part of 12min and she started trimming my nails at 1.33pm. I know its only 3min off the stipulated time, but im so pressed not to be late. Thank god she's very experienced and finished it by 2:08pm.

I almost smsed my boss to say that i'd be a bit late. Thank god i didnt cos it turned out i wasnt VERY late. Just 15min. and as i anticipated, he's gone for a lunch meeting and was back even later than me. And my mgr already headed down to the hotel to "settle stuff".

In the midst of these rush, settling into my desk... helping my HK colleagues who are here for the seminar with the computer... I was suddenly called in to the office, "Can we have our review now?"

MOUTH WIDE OPEN!! HAH NOW?!?!? But its so chaotic now... aloud i said, "Er... can i go to the loo first?"



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2 glasses of Juice:

Nur said... u eat during lunch time? seems ur too bz for food...

Jussaemon said...

teehee... How can i forget my beloved food. I have old chang kee while getting my toenails done.