Watching Movies Online....

... is frustrating!!

My sister subscribes to Singnet Broadband prolly the 1gb Plan one. But after being shared by 3... or sometimes even 4 computers, the download rate nosedives to 10MBps? How is that possible?

I have long since gave up on trying to watch Malcolm in the Middle in sequence cos there would always be a missing episode and i lothe that. So i've switched to movies instead.

I find that its always better to watch the older movies that you've missed, rather than the new ones that's not even out yet. The former almost always have a better quality.

The claim that Firefox is better than IE is... only 20% true. It didnt load Drillbit Taylor much faster that IE would have.

Or is it bcos is lousy and is better?

I used to frequent to search for something to watch... But i find that its very messy and ugly looking. I much prefer now.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

You should try out the Safari web browser. It's fast... really.

Anonymous said...

you might wanna try out