Dont Talk to me about GSS

GSS = Great Singapore Sale that happens for 2 months between June and July.

I think im getting the hang of hanging out. The only downside is that the GSS is happening right now and instead of making me feel excited, it is making me feel downright DEPRESSED! There are so many lovely things out there that are on huge discounts but i cant afford to buy a single one! I feel so useless!
Sunday, we woke up at 12noon. Me giddy with over sleep. LOL. On a whim, we decided to go out. It was 3pm. Initially wanted to go to IMM but becomes i DIE DIE want to eat my Qi Ji Popiah, i went to the website and got Z to choose which outlet he wants to go to. He picked Marina.

So off we went to the Marina Food Loft. He had the nicest BBQ Chicken Rice and i got 2 pieces of Popiah (Not enough!! Should have bought 4! LOL). After that we just window shopped.

We went to Robinsons at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Zubair straight away tried out the various Chanel's Men's perfume. (He left my wedding gift to him of Lacoste perfume back in PAK!!!! Now he's using Adidas which is not bad.) And then we proceeded to hunt for his dress shoes / smart shoes. His current one is not only light brown in colour but also a bit hm.... weathered.

OMG the ordeal of finding The One! He is EXTREMELY choosy in the design of a shoe. Definitely NO LACES for him which i can understand cos its troublesome when the knot comes undone. He wanted a pointy one with some sort of buckle. When he's got the right design, the price is too high. When the price is right, the size is not.

Ok, probably we were looking at the wrong kinda places. I mean Robinsons and Metro aren't really suitable for my kind of budget. Which is $50 top of the tops. But No... the cheapest available at Robinsons was $59.90 and i was thinking, ok just $10 i can manage but nothing look snice in Z's eyes.

He thinks this type of shoes with those little little dots of pattern is VILLAGE looking. Ok maybe the one i showed him was with the dots and a REAL POINTY front. But that's sooo... classic... Like something Rhett Butler from Gone with the Winds would wear! (I couldn't get the right picture) not suitable for daily wear but i wouldnt go as far as calling it VILLAGE! Furthermore, the price tag was like.... $100??? *shrug*

What do YOU think about this style?

But oklah... last night, we just happened to walk past Bata at Causeway Point and like FINALLY! They have something sensible that Zubair likes and in his size. PLUS we got it for just $39.90! Yayyyy!! I tried to push my luck to get Z to put on the $30 one but nope he doesnt like.

But what a relief that we finally got Z a new pair of shoes. I can't stand looking at brown shoes (even mine).

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6 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

hehehe, new shoes mubarak :)

Mrs Umer f.k.a Miss Sue said...

hi i can understand how you feel! :( I didn't get to fully enjoy the GSS too... sigh.. or rather the things i so wished were on sale...well were not on sale! sheer bad luck I guess...
Lol.. you can always count on Bata to get a good pair of shoes for reasonable prices don't you! :)


Nisa AK said...

I sooooooo wanted to tell u abt my new pair of shoes i bought during the GSS :P

yayyyyy new shoes for me!!! LOL

Jussaemon said...

Sue... for a long while Bata's collection had been horrible. for both Z and me. Thank god they've got one tt Z likes just when the sale is on

Jussaemon said...

Yeah yea Nisa you... always make my blood go upstairs one. LOL For non-singlish speaker, it means "getting on my nerve"

Jussaemon said...

Yeah yea Nisa you... always make my blood go upstairs one. LOL For non-singlish speaker, it means "getting on my nerve"