11 Sekawan Ber-Iftar

Saturday, 20th Aug 2011

I played host for my 11 Besties to have our Iftar (breaking of fast) at my house. Good thing too cause I'll be one of the few who would be making the mains of this potluck session, none other than my... BEEF MEATLOAF & Mashed potatoes!!!

In preparation of their arrival (9 besties + 4 of their husbands + 8 children under 3yrs), I vacuumed and mopped and arranged all Tufeil's toys in categories. Wanted to try like what Happygrub did. I guess either it doesn't work for such big crowd or i didn't organise properly. LOL

Guests started trickling in at 6.30pm with 45min to go to dusk.

Husainy, being one of the early birds, gotta ride on the trike
As well as the "laptop"

"Tufeil tak nak yang ini!!!"
"I don't want this one!!"

Chatting before the call of azan

Mummy Y trying to gobble a ball!!

Preparing the mat to safeguard the carpet.

Just about 3/4 of the final spread!

From below: KFC's egg tarts, Fried Pasta, Fried chicken wings (complete with lettuce!), on its right my meatloaf, above that my mashed potatoes, some otak2 (Fish paste bbq?), Dengdeng (sliced beef BBQ), fruits and assorted cookies.

Not pictured: Mee Rebus, Pengat (Pisang?), and Grass Jelly w Longan dessert.

Alhamdulillah, the guests enjoyed my Meatloaf =)

I managed to sit down and eat for a bit!

Syifaa' was being very sisterly to Husainy as well as others.
Syifaa' was the excited one when she saw Husainy's picture on Okto's birthday dedication on TV! And she was especially nice to all the kids that night, showing them how to play with some toys and asking after them. I think next time we have a gathering, I would prolly bring Syifaa' along too!
The only girl in our 10 kids brood!

The husbands were watching a very important soccer match - was it Liverpool VS Arsenal?

"Mr Hisyam, please tell the non-Arsenal fans what you intend to do with this glove."

"We KAPOW them!" LOL

Mass Prayer time!
My parents have already gone out for an evening class, so the head of prayer is Zarn! Tufeil was clingy that night, refused to play alone or with his friends so I had to carry him most of the way.

And then, we proceeded with our Agenda for the night: iron some glitter on Nan's top and a tutorial on headscarf fashion (lilit tudung).

In between, the kids entertained themselves: jumping on the bed, running around, etc.

Me, I tried to feed Tufeil his dinner properly. And the other boys joined in too. Apparently, they ALL loved the SAUCE part of the meatloaf and didn't care so much for the mashed potatoes. haha. Afterwards, they continued jumping and jumping until Tufeil vomitted! Poor dear. He was coughing quite a bit.
Loitering along the corridor while the ladies were all in my room doing the tutorial

All of the girls and some of the kids in my room!
In an effort to wean Tufeil off breastmilk, one of my friends tried to tell him that she has added some medicine (the thing he hates the most!) in my milk. Coincidentally, Tufeil was extremely sleepy at 9.30pm before the guests were gone, so I was not able to lay with him on the bed. So i just carried him till he fell asleep on his own. 2 hours later when he cam awake, he didn't ask for the milk! I carried him around too. but by the 2nd time he woke up, i thought, "It's ok, i'll give in this time. He's not feeling very well."

Anyway, while I was carrying Tufeil, I was totally incapacitated. All the girls helped to pack the leftovers for all of us to bring home. They even helped to take out the trash! What gems they are!

It was very nice having you guys over. But next time, I wanna go out. :P

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