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Sat 29th Jan 2011.

I planned to go out all the way to IMM @ Jurong East today to spend my CapitaMall vouchers.

T woke up very early tt day at 7.30am so that by 11am he was already down for a nap. When he woke up at 1pm it was raining, but I told myself nevermind let's just get ready. And fortunately, it stopped for awhile when we were walking to the train.

T wearing a shirt courtesy of Mummy Y

The 20min journey was still quite a challenge because T insisted on walking around while the train was on the move. But at least he wasn't wailing for his Susu because I made sure he already had his nap as well as snacks before we boarded.

It's raining again when we walked to IMM. I had to fashion an umbrella on his stroller for T (cos the canopy was lost during our Holiday) and nothing for me. I cldn't take the Shuttle Bus provided because its diff to carry T AND the folded stroller at the same time! The construction site for the MRT extension made our walk slightly longer.

I'm gonna allocate half of my $150 to T and really wanted to get him a new Swimming suit. His current one is since he was 3months old and getting too short and too tight. He needed new pairs of shoes as well as he's outgrown all except one.

Unfortunately the one and only shop selling swimming suit w long sleeves and pants doesnt accept voucher. So I charged $35 to my CC.

Also unfortunately, Mummy bought a very similar looking BLACK sandals for T too from Johor. Mine is the left hand side at SGD 15.90 whilst Mum's is RM 15. So I'm gonna try to exchange for another colour or sneakers or something... Hopefully can!!

It was past 6pm when we started walking back to the MRT. I didn't stop walking till he finally closed his eyes then boarded the MRT in peace with my whole body aching but heart beaming with satisfaction. Another quality, independent day with my baby.

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