Big Wailing Fest

It's been two nights in a row that we struggled sleeping.

We went through the usual ritual of going to bed.. ie Salaam all the family, BF while reading book (instead of watch dvd), followed by the string of Surahs and Doas for protection. He was supposed to start nodding off just about now... but instead he asked for "Nak Tufeil punye" referring to his iPod. When I refused, he started throwing a HUGE tantrum, screaming "NAK KELUAR SIIIITUUUU" (Wanna go out there)!

The first night was terrible.

I tried shushing him, explaining to him that it was bedtime, it's already dark, bla bla bla and tried to get him to lie back down again. All to no avail. about 15min later, there was some intervention. But he cried even harder when prised away from me. I really didn't get it. He wanted to go out but when he was out, he wanted his mummy. Aiyooo..

After awhile dad managed to quieten him down and only at midnight was he ready for some more BM and sleep. Even then, he still woke up 7am as I was getting ready for work.

Second night, I was alone at home.

Reeling from last night's bad experience, I was all game to give him a very STERN warning. I didn't give in to any of his requests. When the crying got too loud, I basically yelled "STOP CRYING! STOP CRYING!" Something I had never done before! All this while I would shut myself down and let him be... but this time, he seemed to understand me, somewhat.

His cries became softer and sadder. Then I began to soothing him softly. and also something I hadn't done before was to rock him. I thought rocking could only be done while standing so i was always lazy to do. But i figured how to rock him while still lying on the bed. Basically cradled him a bit higher than my crossed thighs. I held him in a way that he's enveloped around me and could hardly wriggle. And then SHOVED him the breast and gradually he fell asleep.


I'm so proud of myself for tackling that situation on my own. I guess you just have to be thrown into a situation to rise to the occassion.

Having said that, i SOOOOOOOOOO hope he won't do a repeat telecast tonight!!!

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Oh oh... he's turning 2 soon... so gotta be ready....

Jussaemon said...

U Mean ... The Terrible Two??? OH NOOOO