Wed 2nd Feb 2011.

When my mum asked if my office is closed in the afternoon, I answered with a, "Half day but not half day" "What do you mean?" "Half day but I'm going out" BIG HUGE GRIN.

Going out to catch BURLESQUE with June @ Cathay!!!!

We were quite skeptically about this movie but Ashley having watched it last night said I would LOVE it.

Well... I actually DID. LOVEE all the ballad songs as well as the upbeat songs and wished I could jump on stage and dance too cause I know I could - with lotsa practice. I just can't stomach Cher's manly voice and when Christina shouted rather than sang. And Christina is soooo beautiful with NONE or Less make up.

As much as this Hero up here looked heavenly... I am extremely cynical with the happily ever after ending with a TOO handsome Piano Player. But then, that's just me.

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