CNY Days 3 & 4

5th & 6th Feb 2011

The weather was glorious these two days. It didnt rain neither was it too hot. It was super breezy I opened all our windows wide.

Saturday was spring cleaning day for me. Vacuumed and mopped the floor and even did a load of laundry (which I RARELY ever do) while bathing and feeding and playing soap bubbles w Tufeil in between. I could get used to being at home like this but then I would need someone like Ayah to whisk T to the playground so he won't get underfoot.

We were supposed to go swimming at my Uncle's condo, so my parents could meet with my grandparents too but I begged off at the last minute cause I was so beat I encouraged T to take a nap with me despite having napped earlier.

Instead, I brought him to the library (to collect my Insatiable by meg Cabot!!!!) and to Causeway Point for KFC and Each A Cup for me. I purposely did not take the stroller with me to encourage him to walk more = exercise / get him tired. This simple outing lasted close to 2hours because Tufeil stopped often to "smell the roses" (read: watch the ants and shadows and Fire Engine and whatever else).

By the time we reached home, it was Shower Time, snack or dinner time then ....

Read while watching Mukhlis DVD to sleep

Hate that watching dvd has accidentally been slotted into his "winding down" routine because it takes at least 20min, any shorter and he gets angry!

Sunday 6th Feb 2011
A very relaxed morning we had at home. T woke up at 8.30 but was down for a nap by 11.30am for 2.5hours! I also managed to read and sleep...

By the time we woke up, we were just in time to get ready to go to IMM with my parents! I managed to exchange that black sandal I bought that was exactly the same as what Mum bought to a brown shoe with no extra charge. Thank God somebody had a good thinking of not throwing the receipt away!

And then Mum looked at Gas hobs, shoe rack and dining table. Dad and me took turns entertaining Tufeil cause he sure can't stand "shopping" even for 5 minutes. Hell, he can barely stand EATING in one place for 20minutes!

Went to Masjid Al-Mukminin for 'Asr and roamed around Clementi for a suitable all day parking space for Mummy & Ayah while waiting for Maghrib at Masjid Darussalam.

At the latter, we prayed jamaah with the Imam. Me & Mum were on the first floor Ladies section. We sat T on a chair but even before the Imam finished the second surah, he already got himself down and was exploring Mum's bag. A few minutes later, he found something fascinating and walked away from my line of vision.

I tried very very hard not to panic or imagine anything bad. I kept telling myself, in the middle of prayer!!, that we are in the House of Allah, He will protect Tufeil from falling or kidnappers! Tawakkaltu ala Allah. And that Tufeil is smart enough not to stray too far away and/or to return to his Mummy.

As it turned out, he was mesmerised by the waves the curtain made from the blowing fan. and then got excited when he found a way out to the men's section! But managed to find his way back to me. The good thing was, he didn't so much as squeak the whole time we were praying but started to merengek (whine) when he realised we were done and wanted our attention. Aiyooo....

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