My Friday Afternoon

Got off on half day in the afternoon last Friday.

Went to The Cathay to catch Just Go With It. My FAVOURITE ADAM SANDLER!!!! But he gained weight, i think. Yikes~

The movie was nice and reassuring for me that you could still find a suitable match no matter how late in the day it is, where and when you least expect it to.

Before that, I managed to squeeze in some shopping at Plaza Singapura to spend my CapitaMall voucher. I went round the first level, second level, nothing caught my eyes. I only had $90 left and Marks & Spencer is just wayyy wayyy over my budget. I definitely wanted some clothes, you know the $10 or $20 kind but no such stores here. Then I saw John Little and grabbed a dark pink inner shirt, 2 t-shirts to wear at home (otherwise, it seems such a waste to be buying t shirts for sleepwear) and Pierre Cardin's Lovelies... LOVE THEM! 2 pairs for $42!

And AFTER the movie, I had to buy some provisions @ Carrefour to prepare for the lunch I'm hosting the next day. So can you imagine the chaos that was I in the train ride home in the rain...?

French loaf jutting out of John Little bag

Can see my reflection?

And then to make matters more chaotic, I was standing, I put down my loaf and bags down and read a thick hard cover book. And then I repositioned my loaf into my shoulder bag. Later, there was a seat available, I had to heave all the bags and repositioned myself AND the loaf. It was a sight!

At least, I didn't succumb to cab. Well, I almost did but the Queue was too long, i decided the train would be faster in the end.

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