Tess Stimson

Just for the record, I had a good fortune of landing myself with these books at the library:

The Cradle Snatcher
The Infidelity Chain

I like the way this author writes. Each chapter is from a different character's perspective so we got to know what the other person was thinking.. ok it's still fictional.. but I like it very much.

The other thing that I also liked is that one character from the previous book will always appear in the next, forming some kind of spider web. Like imagining how somebody's life is some tangled into others.

This post is so that I won't forget to keep looking for her books at the library.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Ever since online tv, I've stopped reading. I miss reading!!!

Jussaemon said...

You can still read in the train or lunch time. That's what I do.

Nisa AK said...

nothing like a good book to cuddle up with in bed in this weather! thanks for the reminder :D