CNY Day 2: Babies @ Amirah's Grill

Fri 4th Feb 2011 (23months old)

Was soooooooo excited to meet the BFFs today at Jln Sultan. It's been sooo long and I wanted to see how Tufeil will play with the rest of the older boys as well as the younger ones.

The timing was great too. 1.30pm at Jln Sultan meant I had to get out about an hour earlier and that is just nice for T's naptime. Mum & dad helped to make sure he's tired by bringing him out to Woodlands Waterfront for a bit. Then I fed him a bit before going out and walked the longer route to the train station and he promptly fell asleep. I managed to catch some sleep in the train for about 30min too - one hand holding on to the stroller, feet tangled between the wheels. Swell!

When I reached, I actually really had to ask...

Whose baby is this?
Sorry 'Ainul!!! I totally forgot you had a second boy for a moment there. But Naufal is sooooo cute and mobile now GERAM!
By the way, we had the second floor ALL TO OURSELVES!!!!! We prayed there as well and we were sitting down on the floor. Very VERY conducive for the babies/toddlers to run around and not feel restricted.
It was quite a no brainer when come to ordering because i saw they have Mushroom Chicken Chop. Mushroom + Chicken = Tufeil. LOL Surprisingly I was the only one who got the set that came with... MUSHROOM soup, HUmmus & Moutabal (FAVOURITE!!!!!), soft drink, main course, Fresh Cream Caramel (FAVOURITE!!!!!) @ SGD 30++
Shauqy showing Tufeil some of his favourite apps in iPhone

Shauqy: This is how to make the burger
Tufeil: WOW! That's very nice! Can I have a go?

Kids running up and down the aisle playing with balloon, something or other

O Oh Tufeil, where are you?

There you are!

" 'Affaan, take the silly hat off"


Refreshed after a short nap.
At 4pm, we were still there and my parents and sister came for dinner here too! So Tufeil & me hang out (and ate) a while more.
At the end of the day, Tufeil remembered Husainy and 'Affaan's names. While he did play balloon and other things with the rest, he's more contented playing on his own. Much like me, I think. I like having friends around, but also love having lunch alone with my book.

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