I wasn't actually all GUNG-Ho about Breastfeeding. I just did it because my friends were and they said it's convenient and all the other benefits... Although I had struggled in the beginning, it suddenly stayed in the scene until now that Tufeil is 23 months old.

Weaning has been on my mind for a veryyyyyy long time. God knows I really want my body back!!! It's getting quite IRRITATING to the point that I sometimes RESENT him. I don't know how many times I had googled for tips and information about weaning a toddler. I read the articles so many times already. but I haven't actually got the guts to do anything about it yet.

Mostly because, I can't stand Tufeil crying. Scratch that. I don't care if he cries (in the name of weaning) for the first few nights, I don't want other people in the house to get flustered by it. And I feel I don't have the support to exercise some of the suggested tips, namely, let another person tuck the kid to bed.

To back it up a little, I totally feel Tufeil is ready to be weaned. For one, he showed total comprehension when I explained to him and kept repeating, "Susu kat rumah" (Milk's at home) when we were out and about and he wanted it. The problem with that explaination is, once we got home, he's stacking claim on it right away! And it wouldn't be right to refuse since technically we were already home.

So I've changed my tactic. My reasoning is now "Nak tido baru susu" (Milk just before sleep). So the last couple of WORK days, it's worked so far. I hadn't caved in but waited till bedtime. Distracted him with going out for dinner, reading and general playing till 9pm.

What I'm afraid is when I'm at home on the weekends and its his NAP TIME. How the hell do i put him to nap without the aid of BM??? None of my research detailed this particular obstacle. I can't go out and walk him in the stroller everyday now, can i??

I do have a fantasy of going off ALONE to Batam or somewhere for a weekend so Tufeil is forced to sleep without the Milk. And when I come home, I will just steel myself and say NO. or preferably, the Grandparents will continue to put him to sleep for a couple more nights and then WA LA, he's weaned! But I can't impose on them...

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4 glasses of Juice:

Dirah Ali said...

you can always ask nurra how she does it for all 4 babies! LOL!

Jussaemon said...

Ahhh Yes.. now you reminded me why I had wanted to lunch w u ladies in the first place! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Babe, a friend actually put some yogurt on it before nursing. And once her boy put it in, he pushed it away...and that was it! hehe


Jussaemon said...

Hi Wana! Yup, I've heard of people using vinegar, lemon and other sour/bitter stuffs. I will use that as last resort if everything else fails, i think.