Tufeil's 22nd month

- He's standing at 81cm now. At least that's what we gather from our own makeshift height chart.

- He's singing is really really really cute. He now knows to exchange COW in Old MacDonald song to not just animals. One night he was singing, "And on his farm he has a aircon" and then giggled. Also "Lights", "elmo". Ash has a footage of him singing ABC but till today still haven't uploaded it!!!!!

Now to the 2 biggest milestones this month:

- He finally could slide on his own!

One day, I was coming home from work and he was playing at the void deck. As is usual, when he sees me, he will drag me to the Cow (a neighbour on 1st floor has a Moove Media cow on his patch of grass) and inevitably a stretch further to the Playground.

I was holding a lot of bags that day and he insisted on playing. So I told him to go ahead and climb on his own. The first step was small so he could get past that easily... I didn't think he could fashion himself down to a sit in front of the slide and push himself down without any help from me, but he actually did!

- He knows COLOURS now!

His cousin Syifaa' has been singing to him what she learnt in school.. "what colour is the sun.. its Yellow its yellow its yellow..." And T followed suit. I'm sure it was just mere parroting. Until one day, we were using the crayon and suddenly he said "This a green" and Purple and Yellow and Orange. Those 4 colours are the easiest for him to identify. The rest is still a bit fuzzy for him.

I hafta stress that all these are purely incidental. I didn't really "teach" him anything. Some of the words he actually picked up from YouTube, like Double Decker Bus.

He can express himself in 4 word sentences/phrases now. Or up to 8 syllabus. "Baby minum susu mak dia." (Baby drinks his mummy's milk) "Truck nak tengok cartoon?" (Truck, do you want to watch cartoon?) Mostly he speaks Malay but for some basic things he can say both in English and Malay like "Are you ok, Nenek?" "This a Green Bus"

I've also just taught him what to say when people ask "What is Your name?" and "How old are you?" He can answer the first question alright but maybe not from strangers... The second Qns, I hafta cue Two and he would continue Years Old. and he would repeat "Two Year old!"

Ok he's not technically 2 yet but I'm just preparing him for March which is just a month away!

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2 glasses of Juice:

June said...

so cute! aren't these the heartwarming moments where we mothers just beam with pride!!! teeeheeee!

it's really impressive babe considering adorable T is not in school yet :)

give yourself a pat on the back hot momma!

Jussaemon said...

hehehe Thanks... Alhamdulillah masya'Allah.. Klw dah sch lagi tak tau becok nye macam mana!

I just need him to be more independent ie Do things WITHOUT me. All the other boys are great exploring alone but HE had to call out "Mummy Mummy" and dragded me everywhere...