CNY Day 1: Raining in East Coast

Thurs 3rd Feb 2011,

Its the Chinese New Year long weekend, and we decided to go for a picnic at East Coast.

It was a feat deciding on what outfit to put on for T because one minute it was raining, the next it was hot. Wanted to dress him in long sleeves and long pants so he won't get sunburnt much but afraid it might get hot and uncomfortable. If dress him on short sleeves and shorts, he would get dark or get cold from the rain and aircon in the car. In the end, the shorts won.


But T insists on playing

Really the weather was sooo erratic that day. It poured and stopped about 3 or 4 times the 3 hours we were there.
A toddler snapped this of me. Wasted my smile. hahaha

There were not many people around but we had to share the shelter with 2 other groups who got there earlier. So we erected a tent to put our bags in.

And the kids in.

It got totally wet from the rain because the zip is faulty hahaha

and then of course Tufeil had to grab a handful of sand from the ground and threw it inside the tent. And even more so after we yelled at him to stop.

He dragged Atok around everywhere.
Even I wasn't cool enough to play with him.

Already wet from the waves and cycling in a bit of rain.

Pretending to "drive" on this unopened string of... rescue?

His cute footprint.

I didnt do the (to quote June) Exorbitant footprint frame when T was born. Capturing it on the beach by a phone cam is just as nice.

He soooo sibuk wanted to take the spade from my Dad when he was trying to write Syifaa' & Tufeil on the sand.

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June said...

Lol! Don't think i didn't notice the lame reference ehhhh...hmmph! lol!~

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Jealous sey!!!