The Visa Story Continues...

9 out 10 points to Zubair who initiated to go to ICA on Mon ie yesterday to get his Long Term Visit Pass renewed.

Why i didnt suggest this earlier is because on the cover letter when received his green card, it stated as non-renewable but it didnt show anyway on the card. So we tot, we'd take our chances.

He arrived there bright and early at 9:30am. I told him that if there is any problem, just try to get it extended on the basis that the work permit application for him is in the process.

I was anxious to get news. at 11:47am he called me and said, "They say i hafta exit."

I wailed, "Whatttttttttt??? But howwwwwwwww?" In my mind i was thinking, no way m i gonna cough up SGD 1k just for his plane ticket home.

Then he lightened up and said, "I was just kidding lah. They extended my visa for another 2 months while the LTVP is being processed. Paid $30 for it. Shall i come to ur office now?"

I was jumping for joy!!! Alhamdulillah.... That means now his social visit pass is valid till 28th Dec 08. Now we just hafta pray that the work permit application will be processed smoothly.

I felt sheer delight at the prospect of having lunch with Z in town! Although i was dreaming of having INdian Rojak for lunch since morning, i was thinking of having a celebratory lunch with him at Fig & Olive or something. Luckily, he stopped me saying we shldnt spend unnecessarily and stayed firmly at that even when i tried the its-only-once-in-awhile excuse. But in the end, i got my Rojak and he Nasi Briyani.

I tricked him into coming with me to International Plaza (where the train is) to collect my maternity pants and then to the other corner of my office to the convenience store. He grunted when he found out that it meant he had to walk back to my office to collect his file and back again to take the train, "I'm sure you wouldn't do this if you were alone."

To which i replied, "Well... walking alone is no fun... This way we get to spend a bit more time together." At least... i bought for him chocolates. Hee =D

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1 glasses of Juice:

thepurplejournal said...

Hehe, so sweet :)

And congrats on the visa getting extended.