Syifaa' The BodyBuilder.

Before i start writing a long entry about yesterday's date, I shall tickle you with this photo first of Syifaa' showing her strength.

Hehehe it almost looked like we're enslaving her and commanding her to clean the house or something. LOL!

BUt Nay. She picked up these two pails on her own accord. Maybe to mimick what her Atok (Grandpa) always do in the morning or at night ie Clear the Garbage.

I was browsing thru my Randon Family photos folder and saw this one:

My Goodness! 11months ago she looked soooo diff! with only a handful of teeth. Now... She's very talkativeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

She turned 2yo last sat.

Let's take a long deep breath and prepare for the Terrible Two period.

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