First Hari Raya Weekend

It is an unsaid rule that the first weekend of Hari Raya / Eid is dedicated to visiting the elders with your family.

This year is no different. Except that Zubair managed to escape again as he had The Highlight, The Concert of concerts. He was performing for his beloved Singapore Pakistan Association.

We have been going out later and later. Last Sat, we went out after Asr ie 4:30pm. I was actually ready at 3:30pm but was waiting for the rest!! Imagine, when we were in pri sch ie 6 - 12yrs, we used to go out like 10 in the morning and covered like 10 - 12 houses?!?! Those were the days.

Syifaa' striking a pose

She was actually twirling in her new Baju Kurung, that's why a bit blurry.

That's me in Baju Kurung with a long rectangle scarf sometimes aka Pashmina.

This Sari material was a wedding gift from my Nenek.

First Stop: Simei!!

Our visitation hour coincided with my cousins from mum's dad's side so a bit chaotic with all the children around. Plus they've just found out i was pregnant and the girls, 2 of whom i tutor were so excited. Nice to get some attention. hahaha

To give u feel of what a typical Eid visit looks like

Altho we went out late, we managed to cover 5 houses. No make that 6.

After Simei, we went to a relative house in Tampines, Cik Esah. She lives on 3rd floor of the same block where i used to live for 18yrs of my life! So its like going back to the old playground. It never fails to give me a nightmare still.

3rd was a certain Nek Milah's house.

4th was somebody's fiance to be's place!!! His house is VERY SUPER DUPER NICe! But they were all saying that its very easy to maintain the house because the bachelor lives alone, while his family all reside in M'sia.

A view of typical cake containers that decorate the coffee table and fill guests' tummies

I must say that he's a very good host and a very nice guy. She is very lucky and hmm... best wishes, babe!

By then it was close to 10pm. All of our tummies are grumbling noisily! Last proper meal was at 2pm!!!! All the 4 houses that we went didnt serve any heavy meals...

So it was with relief, that when we reached the 5th house, albeit at 11pm, the host served us with RICE! Holy Glorious Rice! with the normal Hari Raya dishes.

But we were still not full ... so we decided to go to this 6th house to eat PROPERLY.

At 12:15am we reached their house but the hosts were only too eager to serve us. McDonalds crews are just so charming!

Yeah we went to a fast food outlet all the way at west coast with a very nice ambience for our "proper" dinner. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, there were quite a handful of other baju kurung clad families having their dinners or suppers there too! Some with very young children as well.

I suppose Saturday is not a Cooking Day.

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4 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

i must learn to wrap pashmina. Though i have a few of the rectangular scarf, i stick to the square ones cuz its easier to wrap and (maybe its just me) i feel pashmina doesnt suit me :D

Jussaemon said...

C'mon... the wrap is just the same as how we normally wear.. i donno but i think the rectangle scarves make u look thinner.

Nisa AK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nisa AK said...

yah right, scarves makes the wat look thinner? head? neck? LOL
Ok ok i know wat u mean. :P
shall try one of these days