At Last! I Got a Date!

Can you believe it? I had to make an appt with my own husband to go out on a date. It's been a few weeks since we went out on a proper date.

I was from Tanjong Pagar so I went to meet him at Tanah Merah to go on to the Airporttttt.

Zubair wanted a picture of him with the oncoming train. I snapped a few milisecond too early.

I insisted on taking a picture with the lovely background advertisement altho of not so lovely product. But the theme was Medieval times and we felt like we were in a castle with the walls papered with red/yellow bricks. Nice!

I saw Kak M who did my wedding hennah at the train ticket gate and because i was feeling ultra confident that day i actually approached her and said hi! Of course she didnt remember me, she must have a lot of customers but salute her for striking a good conversation anyways.

Not really knowing which direction to take, we just took the nearest and simplest way that brought us to Terminal 3 without having to walk too far and we found this interesting hmmmm desk.

What are you doing, Julissa?

Oh im just colouring from this piece of woodblock.

For once, things actually come for free!

The end product doesnt look so great bcos I did it hurriedly bcos i tot that Z might get bored waiting.

Unbeknownst to me........

He wanted a hand at it himself!

I was quite surprised he was interested.

Being in the arts, He is sooo meticulous about his work.

WOW!!! Is all i can say.

The best thing about this date is that, we BOTH thought of going to the airport. Only i dismissed the idea bcos I dont know what to eat there. I didnt feel like eating Popeye's again. But as we just walked along where our feet brought us... we reached the food court of Terminal 3.

Kopi is Malay for Coffee
Just passing by the outskirt, nothing looked interesting inside. I was preparing a backup plan in my mind. We decided we will just take a look what's available here, if nothing appetising (read: Indian-ish food) we will go to Terminal 2 (where i felt like all the food were there).

As it turned out, we found Maxwell Masala serving both South and North Indian cuisines!

Some Pakoras, Chana masala (i think) and others

Zubair is soooo happy he got his chappati and mutton masala

My dinner was Plain Thosai

So funny, when i asked for Paper Thosai he said not available. But when i asked for Plain Thosai, yes have. Paper Thosai is just a longer version of the latter. Ok granted prolly their pan is not wide enough to make Paper but still... it tickled me.

While the Onion chilli was nice, i was disappointed by the texture of the Thosai itself. TOO THICK. Komala's is TOO THIN but Ananda something in town has good texture but no good onion chilli. I'm still on the quest to find the PERFECT Paper Thosai.

This poster on our table amused me. So when we were finished, i asked Z to bring the tray to the washing station.

This issue has been quite heatedly discussed in Spore recently. Are we plain lazy and uncultured to clear our own food waste or....? They were comparing our habits to that in UK, Oz and the lot where by default, everybody would clear their own tray. Some suggested some kind of reward for those who do and penalty for the ones who dont.

My opinion? Its nice if you clear your own tray. Go ahead if you want to. But then it might cause redundancy to many senior workers who earn a living from this somewhat menial tasks. And then again, even if we did put away our own tray, they still need to wipe the table after us, so why not clear our trays for us while they're at it? heh

I couldn't help but ease my curiosity by buying $2 worth of Pakora.

Always wanted to know what it tastes like. Hmmm too crispy and onion-y for my taste. I thought it was supposed to have some dough in there? While Z ate the bulk of it, he did agree with me that its not the best tasting one. He's like that, always thinking of his "original" Paki home made foods. Kesiannn... poor him.

Now this picture is to give you a full length view of that maternity top!

Its actually sleeveless so i wear another shirt inside. Very comfortable with adjustable gathers behind... u know in case i got tooo big later on. Wa nauzubillah. God Forbids!

Zubair always like to snap a pic at the exact same position that i just did. And he totally insists that he's the better photographer and i dont take good ones. HUMPH!

Side profile. Do i look pregnant to you?
Ok maybe i arched my back a lil too much there.

Zubair acting Cool

Zubair lugging his keyboard all the way.

Now we're at the viewing Mall. Ergh. Rather than getting to look at the planes, we actually could see more of the goings-on in the transit area WHICH MAKES US SOOOO JEALOUS OK!!!

Anyway we were trying to find somebody to take our pictures together properly... but cldn't find a single trustworthy person who look like he wouldn't mind. There was a couple just a few metres away with their own tripod stand!! Fuyohhh

In the end, we put our trust on an extinguisher and put the timer on:


Ghostly Us. I'm so amused by this picture!!

Quite an old pose but with a hi-tech public telephone.

PS: The internet didnt work. With an error that said "Cannot display site"

So funny.. much later when we were in Terminal 1, we saw some Indians in this pose also but with the much older design of a public telephone.

We went to Terminal 2 first in search of more food... My tummy was full but my throat said i was missing something. I wanted some CHICKEN snacks!!! Bcos my meal was vegetarian and quite small.

Ok u tell me who's the better photographer?

I took this.

And he snapped this pic of mine.

I had this imagination that Terminal 2 has a lot of places to eat. Where did they all go? So we took the skytrain to Terminal 1 one... in search of something to eat still...

We had to resort to a reflective glass wall to take our couple picture.

Oh yah after sometime, Z succumbed to using the trolley.

We went to the Staff Canteen at Terminal 1. But bcos it was almost 10pm, all shops save for the drinks stall were closed! We had been walking for 1 hour already and my feet were getting sore. And i still cldnt find the right food to eat. All the things i was thinking of (popcorn chicken or some snacks from Old Chang Kee) were not available at the airport.

Z said, "That's why i dont like to walk walk with you. After awhile you will complain penat (tired)." In my defense i said the already familiar phrase, "But im pregnant what" He said even before pregnancy i was like that. Hmmm ok he does have a point. But really my heels were almost breaking lah last night!

Then i remembered seeing two boys holding a nice crispy waffle cone with smooth soft plain vanilla. Oh me lord! That would soothe my tummy alright. But where the hell did they get it?!?!?! There's no ice cream parlour around here. Not that i know of. Swensen's is at Terminal 2, even then the dont serve such nice tempting ice cream. But i remember that McDonalds do have them.

On the way back to Terminal 2 thinking, Will i get to eat what im craving for?

So yes. I had my first full-on craving after 4 months of being pregnant. It IS true that cravings usually mean that you're lacking in some nutrition. I was pining for protein or whatever it is that you find in wonderful glorious MEAT.

I nearly cried at the thought of having to walk to the other end of Terminal 2 to reach to McDonald's. And then worried some more as i doubt this outlet serves the waffle cone ones. We rested for awhile in front of Swensen's with me contemplating whether i should just cave in to Swensen's despite it not being the actual ice cream that i wanted and the price is 10 times more exp than McD's or just brave the walk.

That point my thought was: Why is the airport so god damn big? Its so tiring to walk one end to another, what more from one terminal to another. They should allow pple to ride on the luggage trolleys. (there is actually a sign do not stand on trolley). Or at least provide travellator or wheel chairs??? Better yet. Buggy RIDES!!!!!!! that u can just hope on and off as u like. the buggy will run from one end to the other. Yup the airports wide enough to offer this free buggy services :D

After 6min or so massaging my OWN feet, i felt much better to face the walk ahead.

So indeed there were no waffle cones, but i settled for that standard vanilla cone which is now 70 cents instead of 50 cents like a year ago - At the least the texture of the ice cream is still as i wanted - while Z had a strawberry milkshake.

It was 10:30pm. Our initial idea was to end at Terminal 1 so that the chances of getting a seat is higher. but bcos i insisted on my ice cream at Terminal 2, we were already late and I was afraid we wldnt be able to catch the last bus home. and of course i was soooooooooooooooo tired already. So much so we had to forgo visiting the viewing hall of Terminal 1 (which should have a much better view). Thank you for your understanding my dear.

I tried to remain positively hopeful that there WOULD be seats available as it was rather late already. But No. As luck would have it, the last guy standing got the last available seat way at the backmost row.

I had two choices: boldly ask for a seat or cry and whine the entire 1hr journey back home.

After having walked for 2 hours at the airport, i was certainly not prepared to stand for even another minute. I scanned around for potential victims. By potential victims i mean able bodied men who are awake and sitting on the aisle seats. There were 2. A Chinese and Indian guy in front of me. The rest were either ladies, asleep or a couple.

Since the Chinese guy looked somewhat fierce, i decided to prey on the Indian guy. So i nudged Z to get him to ask this Indian guy to give up his seat for this lovely pregnant lady. But he shook his head!

I psyched myself up saying, "You dont wanna stand for the next hour Julissa, so you gotta do it before the moment passes!"

So i said to him, "Excuse me, can i have this seat, please. I'm pregnant actually." A bit confused he asked me to repeat. I sucked in my breath and repeated the request, and he stood up. I mean like, what choice does he have right? HAHHAA I'm so mean!

No really. i AM pregnant, what! :P

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4 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

like i mentioned to u earlier, its really very nice to see u and hubby put in the effort to keep the spark in the marriage alive! despite the ups and downs and not to mention the financial constraints one has to go thru, these are the moments spent together which kinda become the bond of strength between a couple which somehow help them pull through the hard times.
both of u are looking gud mashallah. stay in love always ;) Ameen.

butterflyrubrics said...

that's a really cute top! where from?

its so nice to just make a point to go on a date yah? yes must schedule it or it'll never happen! happy for you *grin*

dun worry jus, early on in my pregnancy, i had to ask for a seat too. didnt know i would ever be so shameless but really, first tri is when u really need a seat but most of the time nobody even notices. these days i'm happier to just stand on the train (cos I am uncomfortable sitting down), but cos of my size someone will always fuss over me offering seat, sometimes 3 at a time!

Jussaemon said...

Thanks Nisa... *glowing*

Butterfly: From Perfect Mum at International Plaza, 2nd floor! Think u must have been there.. they were having a sale the top is only $25!!

It IS indeed very nice... hope to do it very soon! and at least once a week.

Oh you did ask also! Ok i tot im alone in this. That's great relief! If only we can lie down in the train!

Anonymous said...

Lie down in the train????

Wah liao!

For me big tum = backache.
So, yes, i can visualize how i wud love if i cud have lied down back then, weighing my over 70kg bod! I might've ended up front page of paper! It might read, big, bold and beautiful! Brave too... *wink*

Kak Lynna