Hari Raya Before & After

I did the same picture entry last yr. So i shall document the same for this year as well.

First and foremost i am ashamed to admit that i didnt help cleaning the house at all this yr. Just helped to fill containers of cookies.. even then just halfway. Neither did i help mum with the 540pcs of ketupat this year save for a few pieces. I'm so bad... but i just cldnt muster the energy...

So what's left is to clean and/or decorate my room. The most major thing to be done is to change the curtain. This hadnt been done even after 3 weeks of nagging! Granted, he was busy and always tired after practice. Me im in no state to be climbing around. So i had to recruit my dad instead

Zorro for the day.
"It has to get worst before it can get better" is a motto i live by when facing with cleaning challenges. LOL
And im so glad he helped me with this cos Ayah's way of doing things are rather... clean. =) Got the vacuum out for the wooden pole after bringing them down. heheh SO DUSTY!! after what? 6 months? Must have been more. Ayah also helped to vacuum away the dust that's actually ON the curtain itself.. *blush*
No wonder ive been sneezing a lot with all these dusts around.

Eyewwww my desk is such a clutter of mess! GRRRRRRRR *glare at somebody*

One day before Eid itself, i was on leave the whole day to spring clean. heheh but bcos i didnt sleep the whole night, i woke up late. And then discovered that the hub had to go out for practice AGAIN!!!! What the! This time, i really raised a storm. At that, The darling Zubair finally and hurriedly agreed to be home early and really help out with cleaning of the room.

And i'm so glad he did. He is sooo meticulous at cleaning... that is WHEN he gets around to do it! But really... he even makes the bed nicer and straighter than me *swoon*. I'm more of your average yet consistent cleaner. So in a way we complement each other lah. When we have our own house.... I'd have someone to do the annual Eid spring cleaning... Right now my first sis is the designated person.

And because the darling is tall, he could hang these flowers easily. I bought 3 strands at $2 each at Geylang the day before much at Kak Long disagreement. She said it would look ORBIT (ugly). She told me to get a $40 Long Tassels kinda curtain instead... But i wasnt really willing to part with so much money as i had other things to buy as well.

I assured her it wont look tacky. It looked so at the shop cos there were soooo much green everywhere... and PLASTICKY. Compromise was i'd just buy 3, if it is deemed unsuitable, i will just go with a bare wall.

So thank you Ayah, Thank you Z for your help.

Next is my Hennaed Hand pictures with stains on and then off:

Me, first sis and a cousin went to Geylang on Mon night, 2nd last day of Raya for all the last minute shopping. Bcos of my delicate state, i was pampered in that, they helped me to carry most of my shopping and believe i had quite a number of bags! 1 bagged like 5 items from Fara's shop.... then a small carpet for my room, and the flowers and foodstuffs...

At first we planned to do my henna the FIRST thing when we reached there, so that it would have dried up by the end of our outing. But i went home to fetch the car first, and reached there later, and the girls were at the other end of the bazaar. I wanted to do my shopping first. That wld mean its impossible to be hennaed THEN shop. Like how do i get my money out and stuffs right?

So after rounding almost the whole stretch of geylang... (i had to beg Kak Long not to do one part of the bazaar cos i was dead beat after walking for like.... 3 hours + and it was already past midnight!!!!!!!!) We finally found a nice henna shop, Saheli BRidal. Looks professional with a few artists on hand, with lotsa sample albums.

But they charge a damn lot! Depending on the design it could be $5 - $20 per hand per side! I didnt find any designs that i like ie MOROCCAN designs. So i asked for a free hand moroccan instead and a $10 per hand on both hands. Now look what the artist did to me!

Stains on


I told the artist that i want MOROCCAN design. When she looked unsure, i said, you know... all straight, geometrical lines...? She asked me, "So u dont want flowers nor leaves?" TWICE. NO I HATE them on my hands! Those will make my hands look SWOLLEN lahhh!! I didnt say it out loud tho.

How skewed can your perception of STRAIGHT lines be?!?!? Its all curves and arches and dots and round clouds to me. I even had to INSTRUCT her i want TRIANGLES or zig zags on the rest of the fingers but she managed to add ROUND THINGS to it. YUCKINESS!!!

Stains off

At least it still looked ok with the stains on. But when its off. I feel soooooooooooooooooo snakeyyyy!!! I hate it i hate it!!!

The only thing that's keeping me from washing it off with chlorine is that, an ugly henna is better than no henna, and that some pple actually said its nice. Let's just bear with this for a week.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Sandra said...

I have never done the henna. I think it looks nice, although she should've done what you asked.

Jussaemon said...

Yeah now so many pple told me it looks nice.. i suppose its ok... hehehe

adiekosongtiga said...

I am lost now. i don't really know how to make comments to a particular posting. So I just hantam this one in. Hope it got thru.

About house cleaning, thanks for your thanks.

Actually we should have done this long before fasting month.

That was vry trying my thirst.

I had to wet my throat several time juz to get rid of the sticky throat.