Nintendo DS Lite SOLD

Some time ago i advertised on my blog about selling my Nintendo DS lite away.

That was like 3 months ago.

I was ready to sell it at $300 with all the accessories included. I've had two offers. One was asking for $200 and i tot it was too low, so i passed. AFter a long time, another interested party contacted me but she didnt follow up.

Then earlier this week, another person offered at $220. And i tot, "Hey i should better sell it before the price gets any lower or a new model comes up and DS lite will take a back seat." I told her that i need somebody to fix the er... software first and would update her by friday.

But seems like she cldnt wait to get her hands on that unit. So she said, "How about you just sell it to me before the setting up at $180. Bcos this is another brand, it might not work. And if it doesnt, then i hafta get the other one." Well... at that point in time, i really couldn't be bothered anymore. I just wanted to wash my hands off this thing.

I did tell her i'd need $190 if she's asking me to come down to her place. She agreed. But at the last minute, she said that she could only meet me halfway at Bukit Gombak. AND THEN... to add a lil more drama... I couldn't find the most important accessory. The Charger! Sheesh. My room is a mess, i really dont wanna make it messier in trying to find it. Or perhaps, it might be in the office, God KNows.

So i told her that either i give her a further $10 off or she can wait till i check in the office or something, or i can go to Causeway point and get a new one before i go meet her. At first she said she'll wait and i will just post it to her.

Met her at the train. She was outside of the ticket gate and we are on the paying side of the gate. and we did our business transaction. LOL. She gave me $180. I tot meeting her up halfway would get that extra $10 but ok whatever.

Then she texted me later than night to say that she can't wait till i mail her the charger, so told me to transfer $10 back to her so she could buy a new one. WHich now i found out cost $28.

I recouped the amount i paid to get the actual unit. But i didnt get anything back for the accessories i bought that costed close to $200. But still... better than nothing right? Rather than the DS gathering dust in my closet?

All in all i'm satisfied i've sold it away.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Abid said...

Yay! Now I need to sell mine lol

Jussaemon said...

u have one too and didnt play it? LOL