Two Things I've Learnt Last Week

From Nisa:

Calling somebody in advance that you would come later in the evening or the next day might cause problem to the host.

In my younger days, I used to get flustered during Hari Raya if we dont plan whose house we're visiting next or for the whole day. To me, i thought one would lack organisational skill when we call the house owner for the next house or 2 only to find out that they're not in or whatever. I mean it's such a waste right like we are already there but bcos they're not in we have to come by on another day or whatever.

However, i just realised that we're locking and blocking the host from any other appointment in anticipation of our arrival. Maybe we might even cause them trouble as they sure would think, "What should i serve them? But our money is tight..." etc etc...

Worse is when, you ran out of time, or you had to rush to another house and couldn't make it to that person's house after all as what happened to Nisa. Not only have you wasted the host's otherwise free evening, also you might have caused her to waste time, money preparing food you're not gonna eat!

So this is a social skill one should also have.

Question is: How to strike a balance of being organisational as well as socially responsible?

Maybe a tentative question of host's availability is kinda moderate. Eg: Will you be at home this Fri evening? It's ok if you're not free. See? Not really committing that you'd come... But would the host go all the way to assume you're coming and cook whatever? *shrug*

I've never been a host before so i wldn't know what a host would think or do. But if it were up to me, i bet you im gonna be selfish and leave it up to me.

Most of the time the infrequent guests call, you would find me holed up in my room! Mostly they are my parents' friends or a very distant relative that i dont even remember their name. Esp if they come weekend morning, too bad, im still sleeping :P

But is it my imagination or is it for real that this is the trend going nowadays? That the young would just stay in the room? It sure is how it feels like from what i see.


From Sue:

A child's education starts as early as a few weeks old.

What a coincidence that just the night before i was trying to convince Z that it's ok if someone undesirable takes care of our baby for the 1st year (like how can it possibly affect the baby's characteristics, right?) when Sue told me otherwise.

She said something to the effect that after being hospitalised quite a no of days, her then 1mth old baby is now very pampered. Will only sleep after being rocked etc.

Sleeping pattern IS definitely IMPORTANT in defining a child's trait, i feel. If there's no routine, the baby will take its time sleeping and the desperate parents (read: me & Z) would be obliged to carry and rock him to sleep which would translate to a pampered baby?

I sooo dont want my baby to be as pampered as me. hehehe ... They must be Independent. Sleep on its own, study on its own, work on its own.

Perhaps its easy for me to just say it now... God knows how it will turn out when i finally deliver this baby and smell it, kiss it, carry it. Awwwwwww *GERAM already!!*

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1 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

yah man, I prepared and waited for the guests only to be stood up on. Not to mention the fact that i cancelled a shopping trip!
When i go visiting, i normally call the host just before leaving home to inform them that i'm on my way. I mean thats only polite na to prepare the host for our arrival.

When I was younger my parents never allowed me to sit with the adults when we have guests. I either stay in the room or play with the guest kids (if any) in another corner. I shud practice that with sameer too, he's such a busybody lately! :D