Is it a Boy or a Girl?!


I thought the nurse said my scan would be within this week but she meant she will call me by this week to let me know when's the appointment.

She fixed me up for 18th Nov 08 when i would be at Week 22 all the way in National University Hospital (NUH). Now i hafta wait another 3 weeks to know the baby's gender... *pouts* Which brings me to the title of this entry. Is it gonna be a Boy or a girl? have you heard of any Old wives' tales. Please share just for the fun of it. BUt these are what i've heard so far.

1. Eat Sweet = BOY

It's actually a medical report i read from Yahoo News to say that a research was conducted and concluded that when you eat a lot of sweet stuffs when you're pregnant, you are more likely to get a BOY. The reasoning being BOYS need lots more energy that a girl would. Though there's no guarantee, it is reported that u have a 50-50 chance of getting a boy anyways.

Hmmm im not sure if i eat more sweet than usual. But that's normally the kinda snack u can find in my house. Not many savoury ones .... that last.. (normally i would be wiped out in 1 day!) IN any case, i am sooo OCD that after a sweet snack, i would need a savoury one to balance it up! hahaha I know Nisa you're laughing at me.

2. Eat Meat = GIRL

My pedicurist was making small talk when she saw i was only eating Old Chang Kee or some sandwich, "Looks like u gonna get a boy since u dont feel like eating meat." Thing is i've always been a great Beef-eater. But when i got pregnant... i eat much less beef than i would usually demand for.

3. No Make up = GIRL

This is what Ash relayed to me, "OMG, i think you're carrying a girl bcos normally a pregger who suddenly don the make up everyday will get a boy and a pregger who doesnt wear an inch of powder gets a girl."


And of course if ur tummy is round like a ball its usually a boy but still too early to tell. My bump still doesnt show much at all!

Tell me what u've heard!


Now i just remembered that the staff nurse at poly asked me if i felt any kickings yet. I was shocked! I said no... i was only 4.5 months. It was her turn to get shocked, "Not yet? ARe you sure? Maybe u feel like cramps or just...awkward...?" I remembered my friends asking me when i was only 3 months! And they said that it can happen very early in the stage. And here i tot i wont feel till like 6 months!

That set me awondering... Yah i sometimes felt like my abdomen suddenly become heavy pressing downwards.... oh just crampy crampy but i dismissed it as the cervic expanding or something... I still dont know...

After she mentioned that, i kept a lookout for that sensation.... Sometimes i felt like a pulsating something on my tummy for a few secs... but i dismissed that as hmmmm blood rushing thru my veins or just nerves? or maybe just imagination?

Then two nights ago... i think i might have felt something... but i was in the middle of sleep and now im not certain whether it was a dream or otherwise... ok i think im just excited lah.


I am at odds. I want my bump to show so that i could get a seat in public transport. but that would mean that i can't fit into my blouse/shirt/top! And im totally sick of that feeling ok!!

Now i can't fit into 50% of my work pants. Shalwar kameez are totally out of the range bcos the lastik / elastic band is tooooooo tight. Quite a number of my work shirts are quite slender with no slits at the sides and wearing it is just TORTURING to the eyes with the bump and butt bursting out! EYE SORE!!!

Im only left with dresses / jubah... BUT im very tired of them already ok. I've had them for like almost 10 yrs already i can't stand the sight of them in my wardrobe even.

Pls God I wanna buy some more clothes, pleaseeeeeeeeeee....


Is it me or is it the 2nd trimester doing it for me but now i just can't handle HOT&Spicy food.

That day we ordered TOm Yam Soup at Al-Ameen as we usually do. But 3 sips were all i had. it was burning my tongue!!! I tried to ask Zubair whether it is unnaturally hotter today or is it normal? I cldnt quite get a straight answer outta him but he cldnt finish it either. *shrugs*

Then u know the KFC's HOt devil drumlets. They come in 2 flavours? I bought the SPicy Thai one and i only ate 1 piece and gave the rest to the man. he gobbled them up alright.

Funny when in 1st trimester, i cldnt eat anything bland. ALL FOOD MUST BE SPICY. but now i cant handle it anymore? What's wrong with me?

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13 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Umer f.k.a Miss Sue said...

babe the kick thing.. it varies from individual as long as the heart is beating! Though mine started as early as 14 weeks and lasted throughout till I gave birth!

I dun really believe in the OWTs... cause I didn't know the sex of my child till I was in 26 or 27th week.. and was going through all sorts to indicate that it could be a girl AND a boy.. so how like that? haha.. yes 2nd trimester the heat is on! And I had it bad to be going through it in Pakistan during summer! So try to put on light cotton clothes yeah! Happy 2nd Trimester! :)

Anonymous said...

From what I heard:

1) if the tummy is big, round n pointing towards, its gonna be a BOY! but if u r getting big and wider, its gonna be a GIRL!

2) You may like to just check the Chinese Calendar (can get it online) for the gender prediction. Just need to know your month of conception and your age of coz :) It can be true some times.

For the clothings, I would suggest MAXI Dresses (yeah ive been telling u again and again). Very comfy just need to put a cardigan over it or just put a long sleeve shirt on inside.

I'll gv u the link for the Maxi again when ure online *wink*

Take care, Wana

Jussaemon said...

Sue... i dont know about the heat man cos im always COLD! In the office pple are saying its hot but i say its COLD.

Wana... Yeah i hear you. Just that its damn diff to find them maxi dresses and babydolls. Besides, i busted my budget for this month already when i bought that silly ol Crocs. ERGH

Sandra said...

I have heard that if you are more round and in front that it will be a boy, and if you are wider with bigger butt it will be a girl.

Doesn't matter what you eat as you will like/dislike stuff all throughout your pregnancy. My sis couldn't stand to look at chicken when preg. with my older niece. Niece is 17 yr. and LOVES chicken. Go figure.

Your feet will gain in size due to pregnancy. You will probably end up being a size 8. Crocs aren't comfy for me, and I really don't like how they look. Do they have Payless Shoe stores there? They often have good sales so not spending alot on shoes. Clarks and Berkenstocks are very comfy but expensive.

do you sew or know someone who does? Have them make you a few pr. of preg. pants and tops.

Congrats to Z. on getting job. Hope we weren't too hard on him.


The 5 of Us said...

Normally by now you should be able to feel baby's kicks/movements etc, but since its your 1st pregnancy sometimes it takes some getting used to before you can recognise them for what they are :-) So don't need to worry.

Abt predicting the gender, its really individual-specific, sometimes some trends/tales might be true for some, whereas others not, usually it gets a bit easier (but not all the time though!) in subsequent pregnancies, where you can feel some commonalities/differences when compared to your previous pregnancies, so you can kind of know/have gut feeling for a particular gender rather than the other.

Also since you mentioned before that you've got low iron levels and currently don't seem to favour eating meat, pls make sure you take your iron tablets, very impt for baby's development, must make sure s/he is getting enough oxygen ok.

Jussaemon said...

Hey Sandra,

Hmmm no Never heard of Payless Shoe =( Yeah i've figured out by now that i should have bought a sandal instead. Silly me.

My mum can sew but only traditional baju kurung. Maybe i can coax her to sew me some simple straight pants. THanks for the idea! hehe

Jussaemon said...

Yo Sis,

That's why lah im not sure what feeling to look out for. And now i havent felt anything also so maybe those earlier ones weren't the real thang.

My colleague said during her 2nd pregnancy she cld feel the kicks at 1st month! Fuyohh... and that the reason i might not feel is bcos my waterbag is thicker? heheh

There's really no telling whether its gonna be a boy or girl eh.. cos its so subjective..

Yah i've tried the iron tablets... they smell funny like too... fragrant... but at least its not the kind that would stick to your tongue... i just hafta remember to eat them BEFORE food to avoid constipation. =)

Nisa AK said...

yeah u OCD! fancy trying to balance
sweet with savoury :P
from what i've heard from the oldies, if ur having a boy u wud be too lazy to dress up, like to eat sour stuff and ur tummy shud be round and pointed. Dunno how true la! :D
i guess these are just some stuff the women folks used to entertain themselves with before the scan technology arrived lolz

Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with your appetite lah.. it might just be the changes you're experiencing during pregnancy.. hehe...


Jussaemon said...

Too lazy to dress up - Check.

Like sour stuff - No

Tummy shape - Unknown.

Erghhh *pulling hair* can't wait for scann!!!

Jussaemon said...

heheh yah lah prolly nothing wrong.. just being paranoid.

Also i cant stomach rice also... only eat bread... prata... and finger foods. Cheh

Anonymous said...

Hi Jus! not to worry about e baby kicking thing cos mine started on e 20th week but very very slowly n later on as e weeks get more, the kicking also getting harder!

As for the gender of the child I did not ask dr about it for all my three kids bit one thing which i believe is tat if ya tummy is round n stucking out like a ball means its a boy! He..he.. any way leave to e above n wat we all want is a cute, healthy n pyari baby!

Ps: for the pants, did u try the stretchable pants tat I'm selling cos my BIL said tat u bought one from him at e bazaar. I used tat all e way cos no button no zip n its stretchable!!

Take care, only one n half trimester more to go!


Jussaemon said...

oh 20th week? and some more its ur 3rd child. ok im very much reassured.

HUH ur BIL remember me and what i bought? *blush* hehe lucky he wasnt there today, otherwise he could prolly tell i was wearing the baju dalam from ur shop also. lol.

Yes that pants is very comfy!! can take my tummy but i bet it cant take my hips for much longer now. LOL