Third Maternity Check Up

I was actually late for friday's 3pm appointment by 20min.

Grace period was 15min and because of that 5 min, i had to re-register myself and had to wait about 15min longer than if i hadnt been late.

I was from a 2-day training that morning at City Hall. Lunch was announced at 12nn. It was catered so i stayed for the food. Journey would take about 1hr so i had about another hour to myself... So i went to the library, picked 4 books and snoozed for 30min till 10min to 2pm.

Just nice supposedly. But i didnt take into account time spent in toilet and walking leisurely to the mrt that by the time i reached the train station it was already 2:30! YIkes. Too late to come up and take the cab as i was already at the platform.

First up is the consultation with the nurse.

Urine test was normal. Blood pressure normal. Now weight. I was rather apprehensive to know my weight. bcos the last time i lost 1.5kg but i think i might have gained double what i lost in just 1 month. I was afraid of getting scolded.

I weighed in 61.6kg. Oh not so bad. i had been relying on the machine at home that kept saying 60kg which normally you hafta add 3kg to that so i tot i might be 63. The nurse didnt bat an eyelash either. So i suppose that's a good sign. Besides, pre-pregnancy, the heaviest i've been was 63kg so i'm still cool aye. Note to self: cannot keep up the rate of this monthly weight gain!!!

COnversation with the Doctor

Luckily i've got that nice doctor today. Not the Skype chatting one.

Firstly she showed me the results of the previous Stage 2 Thalaessemia blood test. She flipped when this time my haemoglobin index dipped and went out of range. it was borderline the last time. i think it was 11.6 about 0.1 out or scale.

She asked if i had been taking the iron tablets. I told her honestly that i havent but that i planned to start taking them right after Fasting month but havent actually got around to it yet cos im scared of constipation. I did clarify though that the reading was BEFORE i was prescribed the iron tablets.

Further along the results, she said that the iron content in my blood is super duper low at 6 units when it should be between 10 - 120! When i complained about lethargy, she said its because of low iron! I was like.... "Ohhhhhhhh no wonder!!! all this time i was always sooo sleepy..."

However, the good news is: i DONT have thalassaemia. Thank the lord. And that the doctor has seen pregnant women with just 6 or 7 points in the haemoglobin index but i DO need to take those iron tablets for my baby. Yes, Ma'am.

Today, we could easily listen to baby's heartbeat. it went like... tuh tuh tuh... hahahah No.. i can't WRITe how 160bpm sound like.

Another exciting part is that we're getting to do the scan next week!! at NUH. But i dont think i can make it, Paris Bosses coming and everything. Maybe i'll do it first thing the following week after. To prepare for our finances, i asked about how much would it cost. $70 for scan and $20+ for dcotor's consultation amounting close to $100. And so i prayed, "Please got dont let me hafta go thru these scans a lot...."

Next appointment: 21st Nov 08 @ 10:40am

The doctor ordered a blood test to be done BEFORE seeing her to see if my iron level has gone up. Also, i asked if she'd need me to do glucose test bcos i remember that the first doctor told me she would likely order one for me at week 20. She asked my family history and she agreed that i should go for it. Though i would despise the test, i think im paranoid enough to know if my kidney could handle those sweet stuffs.

So there.

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