My Eid 2008

Ok i dont have much pictures on my hp, as most of them were being snapped from other pple's digital cameras. I shld have known they'd take a while to upload! :P

Firstly, Z has been telling me since beginning of fasting month that he only wants to go to 2 houses MAX. As it turned out, he couldn't make it after all bcos he has a concert at Temple of Fine Arts from 9am and finished like 8pm by which time he was too tired to join us for the last, most special house! I felt that TFA was quite inconsiderate in that sense lah. But then again most of them are not muslims save for two or three of them, so they would take the PH opportunity to org a concert. Sighhh

Anyways, first stop is Nenek Jah's House, Syifaa's paternal grandmother.

Banging the keyboard while singing A B C

Syifaa's cousin. So now Syifaa' is KAKAK (older sis).

Soon she's gonna be kakak on her maternal side also. =)

2nd house was my father's oldest brother (aka Pak Long). Traditionally, the bros and sisters would gather at his house as their parents, my paternal grandparents have passed on about 10 yrs ago.

We are normally not vocal with this side of the family. But with the help of facebook, and blog we became loud VIRTUALLY. hehe Kak Lynna, a regular commenter here, is one of my cousins lah. The strange thing is that, when we meet outside out of family gathering context, we could talk like friends... Ok maybe its just me ... it doesnt help that a bunch of them dont speak malay but mandarin. I dont know why but i always have difficulty making chinese friends. Too comfortable in my own "world".

3rd house is my mother's father's (aka Tok Husaini) house. This is where we usually join forces with the Simei Gang.

I get to be one of the Tiga Dara Pingitan (3 single ladies) for a day.... haha

If you can see, i was wearing a pashmina (long rectangle scarf type). ERK i think the way i was wearing it made me look BIG lah. So much so that Ayid, who didnt know i was pregnant thought i gained weight. But Nur (the rightmost one in the pic) tot i DID looke like i lost weight.

While almost everybody at Pak Long's house knew i was pregnant, nobody else noticed my discreetly bulging tummy. Maybe they did but was too shy to ask for fear of being wrong and got me offended! hahah

Next was some Tok Long's house. I THINK its my mother's mother's oldest brother or something. It was around 5pm and i actually got too tired, i napped awhile. (takleh salahkan, org mengandung - can't be faulted, a pregger.) My cuz even snapped a picture of me dozing but i dont know there seems to be a technical error saving the picture so can't upload. haha just as well.

the 5th and 6th houses were mundane at best. No picture, we just entertained ourselves with each other's company. Of Course Syifaa' made it more livelier for us.

The last and most important one is visiting my mother's mother who lives with my paki uncle. Here, we are all a boisterous bunch as the youngest aunty is just 5 yrs older than my 1st sis, 10 yrs older than me. So she's very one of us lah..

Can u spot my nenek?

The turqoise pple are the Simei Gang

The girl in pink and small boy is another set of cousin.

The other one is Tiah, with whom i went to Geylang with two nights previously.

The 10yr old Paki + Malay breed boy was fast asleep by the time we got there.

I saved my tummy, purposely skipping main meals for the last 4 houses, and eating just 1 pc of ketupat at first 2 other houses, to have a big dinner at my grandma's place. And to my great pleasure, one of the dishes is Sambal Goreng Pengantin which consists of only Beef and Beef Lungssssss.... Fuyohhhh yumminess!!! I dont like other variation of Sambal Goreng that might include Tempe (fermented soya bean) and tahu (beancurd) and even long beans!

All in all, we covered 7 houses this yr after leaving the house earlier than usual ie @ 12pm hahaha. and i seem to be eating less this yr as compared to pre pregnancy! Ironic! Even then, i managed to gain 1kg in just one day! So i'm back on track!

Next yr, there's no escape for Z. He HAS to follow all the way to help with baby, insya'Allah.

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6 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing the photos, Jus :)

In my case, everyone came over to our home, so we didn't go anywhere on the first day of Eid.

It was hectic like crazy, but loads of fun nevertheless!

Jussaemon said...

oh yeah we certainly did. only sad thing is i didnt get to take pic w Z. GRRR

But will u be going visiting others this weekend? I understand Pakistanis dont really go visiting a lot... We here will visit right up to 30th Syawal! LOL

Nisa AK said...

I just realised u and ur sis look identical!
like twins :)

MOE said...

EID MUBARAK......better late then never :P

I must say that I am quite envious of you, I don't have any family here in Canada so we just visit one or two family friends on EID, I feel like I am missing out on all the excitement.

Jussaemon said...

Nisa, hahah i think it's our smile? But she's way fairer lah. That reminds me... i need to buy Tahuey!! (beancurd drink)

Jussaemon said...

Oh yes Moe, definitely Better late than never. We have a whole month to do that~! hehe Er.. Eid Mubarak to you too!!

Awww that's so sad... Maybe time to visit Pak? =)