Deepavali Long Weekend

Yesterday was a Public Holiday for Deepavali aka Diwali.

It was actually scheduled for Tues, 28th Oct 08 but the astrologer decreed that they wanted a long weekend so they changed to Mon, 27th instead. hahah no lah. Always on the calendar there's a disclaimer that said, "Subj to changes" when it comes to Deepavali... All my life it had always been accurate (as far as i can remember lah) just this year they had to "correct" their calculation i suppose.

Sat, 25th Oct

I was up by 10.30am. hmmm way too early. i watched some online shows... by 1pm i was swaying with sleepiness already. But couldn't really get to sleep. Tummy was screaming for food. Savoury food please, enough with the sweet things already.

It was such a nice feeling when i nudged Zubair and cried that I was hungry could he buy for me prata from the coffee shop nearby, he promptly nodded and woke himself up. And it was only 1pm! He would normally stir awake at 3pm or something (he sleeps at 4am the night owl).

In the afternoon, we took a brief nap. Sheer bliss.

But i decided, since its a long weekend we should do something. So we went to catch a Hindi Movie: Mumbai Meri Jaan
This movie is about fictional characters who somehow were connected with the train bombings that did occur for real. It was nice but not a typical Hindi movie we were hoping to watch. Its more like a non-serious documentary with a lot of morals. PLUS, there were only... 2 songs thruout this 2.5hr movie - short by Hindi standards.
Of course by that time, our tummies were grumbling again... Thankfully we still had 30min before the midnight charge starts, so we zipped to Lau Pa Sat by cab ($4.30) for our SATAY!!!

It's been a longggggg time since we've been here. Well i have just 2 weeks ago but that was lunch time. Anyways, even the brother who always served us said, "Long time no see... After Eid that u come n visit eh." hahaha I'm amused at how he recognises us!

Zubair insisted on taking a photo with this icky yellow ferrari-looking car. I said, "What if the owner is somewhere nearby?" He said, "It's ok. He should feel proud that pple are taking photos with his car." Hmmmmmmm

We walked to Chinatown, took the night bus and reached home at 2am.

Sun, 26th Oct

Woke up at 2pm today. Zubair was already getting ready for his Diwali appearance. LOL. Funnily enough, for Deepavali, he only got 1 gig as opposed to his numerous performances for Hari Raya.

I spent the day alternating between lazily watching ANTM online... snoozing... reading book... eating... till Z came home at 10+pm. I realised that i hadnt eaten since lunch time with Z before he left and i was ravenous. Although Z was tired, he gave in to my request to walk that 10min to have dinner at Al-Ameen because i just cldn't stomach fast food at that time.

It felt very nice when Z told me about his day at work. So much so that suddenly Z wondered aloud, "How did we come to this topic?" The conversation just flowed... very rare to get a chat like that outta him =D

Mon 27th Oct

By now, i realised that this might just be our last relaxed weekend together before he started working 12hr day x 6days, insya'Allah. i wanted to make the best out of it so We stayed in bed till 3pm.

Although we had drained our brains thinking of where to go, we just got ready. We MUST go out before we couldn't. Then i got it. Let's go BOWLING!

We wanted to have dinner at Cavana since we were at Marina Sq anyway but found out they've closed! seems like a lot of their outlets have shut down! So we had to settle for the food court, where i got my Qi Ji Popiah x 2. Yayyyy-ness

The scores!

Round 1.

All these while i had been using 7 - 8lbs ball. But when i tried the 10lbs pound, suddenly i got 3 strikes in a row. But no, it wasn't considered a turkey cos the first strike was in effect a Spare.

Even Z did very well! I asked jokingly, "Have u been practising or something?"

Round 2
By now we were a bit tired. Old already. The computer quite hay wire, suddenly gave us a strike each. without us moving at all! Cheh. Some more, dont know how to count the last frame for the last player.
All in all... it was a very satisfying long weekend with a great balance of rest as well as play.

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