Sunday Visiting

You know what? Zubair escaped Sun too!!! tak fair! tak fair! boohoohoo....

Today, we entertained 2 guests before going out at 4:30pm again.

This is what i wore for Sunday.

Not very festive looking by Malay standard but the long scarf added a glamorous twist. (hahaha perasannye aku)

This is actually a sleeveless Punjabi suit but i just wore the top and the scarf. The pants has no band yet so lazy me wore my own.

To be honest, i felt a bit suffocated that day bcos my black pants is suddenly VERY TIGHT!!! and the "normal" scarf i wore and hid underneath the shirt is making me look... HEAVY!

Nonetheless i felt elated when at the first house we visited, the host suddenly asked me, "are you pregnant?" I said yes how do you know?. She said she can tell from your "unusual" weight gain. She has 3 children herself.

2nd house is Nek Ngah in Bukit Merah. She served us Mee Rebus Special! Her Mee Rebus is not very thick but extra spicy with prawns inside!!! Yumminess!! I helped myself to 2nd serving despite my mum's reminder that the next house is also serving us food. I didnt care cos this Mee Rebus is SUPER special.

3rd house is Cik Zaini, my mum's bro from the same father, in Yishun. Ohhh again my favourite SAMBAL GORENG PARU (beef lung). if Z was there, he'd probably say, "Dont give my baby nonsense food to eat, ok." He'd say that even if i eat normal beef. Apa jer.

4th : Nek Busu's house also in Yishun. She served us instant Popiah sayur / Vege rolls. Also my favourite!! But i limit myself to just... 3 pieces? Heeee

5th and final house is Cik Adi's house also my students' place lah. They've just moved so i was sooo excited to see their house. It's a condo in Yew Tee. NICE!!! Me and sis wanna buy a unit there too! LOL. She served us Lontong Goreng! Fried Rice cake. She also had Nutella horseshoe cake that is quite a rare find nowadays that the craze is over. there were over 10 of us and she had to serve plate after plate after plate of this cake. OMG we were so crazy! Thank God its just our uncle's house so no need to feel too shy. Can even make yourself at home.

So this Sunday is very much in contrast to Saturday's no proper meal visiting! Sunday is a good day to visit people, i guess. haha

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sidra naim said...

haha, okay jugak .. like personal style! looks stylish! :)