491 Days and Counting

There are only 6,574 days between a child’s birth and their eighteenth

I found this lovely website while researching "Baby Ate styrofoam". It's exactly what kinda blog i wanna read but difficult to find. A working mother with a toddler who's still breastfeeding and has trouble with sleeping thru the night.

Oh yah Tufeil ate a bit of styrofoam yesterday. We had my mum's siblings over at our place. I was feeding him some rice while being seated in my lap facing outward. I managed to grab my cousin's cup beside him. I let him played with it for awhile. Then i realised a bit of the cup was chipped! And then i looked at him at saw him chewing. Tried to pry my finger in but he just wont let it it! He gagged, i patted his back.

I thought the episode was over then i saw him chewing again and i hadn't given him anymore food yet. I rushed to my mum's side and got her to sweep his mouth. Only a few made it out. =( But he was active throughout the day so I was not quite worried until when he got to bed and fussing and fussing... My google search said it should be ok lah insya'Allah.

I soooo sucked at parenting, I think. I know NUTS about First Aid nor Safety first. For example:

  1. I obviously let my child play w styrofoam. Duh
  2. I ever led Syifaa' to a fall when i opened the car door when her hands were pressed to the windows!
  3. I gave in and did not "scold" Tufeil much. I mean I let him play with CDs and virtually anything he wants.
  4. I ever bumped his upper eye hit my table when I was trying to put his diaper on.
  5. I won't know what to do if he falls. I mean My mum would rub her hair on my bump, whereas me, I can't even identify the hurt area in the first place. Although, i would carry and kiss him lots.

And many more i just can't remember right this moment. One thing I do know is that... I LOVE HIM LOTS. I've never been one to gush about babies. Heck I didnt even know how to carry one. But after Tufeil's arrival, it's like a whole other world opened up to my eyes. I see babies everywhere and just wanna kiss every single one of them. LOL.

Has it been just 491 days, though? It felt like forever! and I hope it won't take another thousand days for him to be independent enough then I can be let off a bit... At the very least I hope to wake up late on a weekend? Pretty please?

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