HeadHunted. Sort of.

Early Wed morning I got an email saying that somebody's requesting for my resume for this job portal. I replied and said I am interested.

The next thing I knew, she called me and sorta interviewed me on the phone! After asking about my jobscope and everything, she said she will recommend me to the employer (she's from an agency) and request a salary 15% that of current. Making that a sweet $500 increase per month. But the BIG Question is...


Because if i quit now and not at the end of the year when our AWS (Additional Wage Supplement) is, I stand to lose $1,700! Bcos my current company pays 14months.

On top of that, Mummy mentioned that if i switch job now, it'd be difficult to take leave for Hari Raya and Dec holiday (she's planning a one week vacation which i can follow or stay home to care for T).

Other stopping matters include the fact that i'm still pumping during working hours, I'm not sure if the workload is super heavy that would force me to stay late and how would T/mum react to that.

Moreover, the job description sounds rather similar to what I'm doing MINUS the claims and reporting (i think?) but includes credit control.

I know I shouldn't jump on the first wagon that comes. Especially since I saw quite a few other attraction job description on the website recently... But I feel like as though it's fated.

Ya Allah, please guide me to do what's best for me and my family. Ameen.

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