Shame & Achievements

I simply had to report 3 more mishaps of parenthood after the initial Walk of Shame entry.

1. Tufeil had a GREAT fall.

He fell head first from the bed. I left him there to watch his dvd while I moved around the room to clean. He was on all fours at the edge and somehow his hands slipped. =( he had a big blue black spot right smack center of his forehead. For that, my son, I sincerely apologise. Now, if i'm not on the bed with him, I leave him standing on the floor instead. And also he seemed to be scared of coming down from the bed on its own when he wakes up in the morning.

2. 3 day old water

Tufeil lovesssss to play with empty bottles and boxes that we left in a pail to be sent to the common rubbish chute. And recently he begged and shrieked and screamed at me, "NAK MINUM! NAK AIR! NAK MINUM! NAK AIR! NAKKKKKK NAKKKKK NAKKKK" (Want to drink! Want water! WANT WANT WANT!).

I started to give up and unscrew the bottle's cap and about to let him have a sip when mum also shrieked and stopped me.

Mum: What do you think you're doing?
Me: Giving Tufeil a drink
Mum: Where did u get that
Me: From the pail
Mum: DON'T!! That's 3 days old! It must have gone bad!
Me: Oh is it? Sorry.

3. Water in Ear

I feel guilty when sometimes i accidentally sprayed some water into his ears when showering.

These are so depressing to write/read. So I'm gonna write the few life skills that I've achieved to teach Tufeil so far.

1. Put Inside / Put Back

Cleaning up toys is a breeze now that he knows how to put his toys in its box. I started this when he was prolly 7 to 8 months when he started crawling and/or standing on his own. I would give him a block and say "Put Inside" pointing to the box and I would demonstrate to him too. And clap vigorously when he managed to do it.

I especially like it when he returns somebody's thing (mostly handphone, keys) back to the owner or table, etc.

2. Shower Bye Bye

I applied the same theory during bathtimes. He has a collection of toys, brushes and sponges in each bathrooms. But there is always one thing I practise. I would always say, "Ok Tufeil put everything back. Bye bye everybody. See you tmrw." and he knows its the cue to get out of the toilet.

While getting him OUT is not a problem, sometimes getting him IN is. Especially when he just woke up and wanted to play with his Atok first. I would say, "Mummy has a sponge" and sometimes it would work. When that doesn't, his Atok hafta pretend he's gonna shower too and bring him to the bathroom. When he's finally distracted, Atok will go out.

3. Throw

He now understands the word THROW and knows how to throw rubbish mainly used tissues into the bin.

Unfortunately that's not all he throws. His balls, soft toys, assorted mini kitchen appliances, handphones, iPod all got trashed as well! hahaha I'd hafta ask him to "take" or "put back" those items but sometimes the bin has got some food waste and I dont want him to touch it so i gotta do it myself.

4. Lap

I mentioned above that he lovessss to spit out water when he's drinking. As a consequent, I would give him a tissue and told him to lap (wipe) the table. And he would.. wiping his mouth at the same time. Could this be the motivating factor for him to spill and spill? So he could get a tissue to wipe?

Hmmm But I dont believe in reprimanding making a big scene cos i do notice that he tend to do it again just to get some reaction. Mostly when he does something wrong, I will pretend nothing happen and try to get him to do something else - much to my mum's distress. I think she must think like i'm not noticing nor disciplining my son.

Eg: He would hit my face. And i keep quiet kissing him instead. But mum's the one who would shout "HEP! Cannot do that!" and then he would hit me again. I didn't comment her style nor preach mine. Because I feel no one method is perfect lor.

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