Our 2nd Ramadhan Weekend

Sat 21st Aug 10.

The sisters planned to go out for iftar at Orchard. But before that we need to find out where are the indoor playgrounds (preferably free) for the children to play. After 10min, Sheikh Google reported that there's a playground on the sky terrace of 313 Somerset, and 5th floor Paragon.

We headed to the former first and found out its actually a very small section of the Food Republic. We were like... laughing at ourselves but..

The kids seem to enjoy it

So did we.
This is a my view of Tufeil from the GIANT SEE-SAW.

The see-saw was very high, complete with 3 weight balls. We couldn't get off cos the balls were all at one end of the see-saw. So I had to flag a nearby adult to help center them.

What do you call this? I only know there was a bigger older version during our time. But the name escapes me.

Just the overall view.

Me & Tufeil.
A rare photo and Ly caught him smiling!

Now, in search of food. We wanted to eat at Breeks but found out on the phone that the branch at Taka is closed and no other branch in Orchard. Then we called the operator again for Swensen's this time. They were fully booked except for walk-in. We didn't wanna chance that, so we finally settled for F.I.S.H. @ 313 where we were and proceeded to book a table for 7pm.

We had about 30min to go so we walked to Paragon. On the way there, Tufeil was SUPER DUPER CRANKY. Kicking his legs in the stroller. First thing I did was to nurse him @ Paragon. He got slightly better. But cried and cried until we let him on the car ride.

30 seconds on, you will get to see Tufeil "belok" (turn).

Were late for iftar. But the food reached us quite quickly. We were delighted that they serve beef and chicken as well. OUr reservations about just having to eat seafood flew out the window.

Tufeil had Chicken drumlets and fries while mine was Teriyaki Ribeye.

Ribeye was good. But with the accompaniment of fries and some chicken made it more... wholesome and well-rounded for me. LOL. It's getting easier to feed T now that he knows how to send food from his hand to mouth. I just peel food to small pieces and placed them on the tissue in front of him. Ash said I should have brought his utensils and bowls. But i countered that it'd be more troublesome when I hafta catch flying plates and spoons. LOL.

Fortunately, parents were willing to pick us up from Orchard. Kesian kan Tufeil (just for Tufeil)he he.. Before that we stopped by Tangs to restock our M.A.C. makeup before Eid gets here.

The kids entertaining themselves while Ummi decided on some colours.

It was 10.30pm by the time we got home.

Sun, 22nd Aug 10.

We had some relatives over for iftar at our place. The main highlight was my Tunisian friend / colleague. Wanted her to experience a family iftar. =)

Everybody on the floor.

The spread.

Includes Malay-styled Keema, Fried banana fritters, pulut serunding (glutinous rice with savoury coconut shavings) and durian serawa (durian porridge) as well as fried potatoes with egg.

It was chaotic as first when she reached our place. We were still trying to make the drinks and slicing the bread with two children underfoot. But it got on ok... Ended the night with some old photo browsing with Zei.

Hope I had been a gracious host - despite my asking her what (food) would she be bringing and jokingly asked her to wash the dishes - and didnt put her in awkward moments for long.

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The video is priceless!!!