Mummy's Walk of Shame

I stumbled upon a few days ago and got inspired to pen down my own Mummy's Walk of Shame.

1. Fan Danger

My room has two fans: a ceiling fan and a stand fan. Unfortunately, the former is useless. More so now that my bed is pushed to the corner and the fan is in the centre. I had to resort to using the powerful stand fan.

Tufeil in blissful sleep with the fan at the foot of the bed.

I constantly worry that I'm posing Tufeil in danger when I turn on the fan and leave him in the room to go to the kitchen or toilet or simply shutting my eye while he play around in the room on bed or floor. I fear he might put his fingers in. God forbid!

We have bought the protective covers but it seemed a little too tight and then everytime my aunty removed it to clean the blades, she never put it back on! GRR

2. Desk Corner Danger
Next to the bed is my L-shaped desk. I love this desk because it saves space and I'm able to see the screen while lying in bed. But what's dangerous is it's only a metre away from the door and we are always afraid if Tufeil might come running into the room and bump into the sharp edge.

We tried super-glueing the corner cushions but it just came off. Why? Tufeil's doing!

However, Tufeil seemed aware or familiar with the room surroundings he had never hit the table. Except for the one time he was squatting and banged his head when he stood. At least that's not the edge right?

3. Processed Food
Last week i gave Tufeil some processed chicken sausage and I feel very guilty about it. It's not the healthiest thing in the world for a baby to eat but it's sooooooooooooo convenient!

4. Baby Seat
We don't use the baby car seat when driving somewhere. The only time we effectively used it was on a roadtrip to Malacca when he was 6 months old and in Australia where it's mandatory when he was 9 months old. He wasn't walking yet and i took him out periodically to give him milk and for naps. haha.

Otherwise right now, we don't use it at all. And as u can see in the previous video, he loves sitting up front with the co-pilot.

5. Ate styrofoam
I already wrote about how he accidently ate a bit of styrofoam from a cup when he was pretending to drink from it. He was in my lap and I was eating while feeding him at the same time. I just let him play with it thinking it was harmless. Altho it doesnt have great repercussion (i hope!) but Gosh do i still feel guilty about it!

This leads to no 6...

6. Failing to react quickly
I can't for the life of me react quickly to save him from impending danger. Mostly because, like the above, I didn't realise the danger in the first place. There was a couple of times when I was just an arm's stretch away but he managed to fall down or got knocked down by an adult, things like tt.

What kinda mother am I if i fail at such the littlest thing?

7. Hygiene Failed
I shamefully admit that I do not know how to clean Tufeil's ear not clip his nails. My mum does all that once a week. I have no intention of learning because I fear I may do it wrongly and hurt my own baby (refer to no 6).

I'm also embarassed to say that 3 nights ago, Tufeil's diaper overflowed some and I still haven't changed the sheets. We've been sleeping on another layer of sheets. EYEWWWWWWWWWWWW i know! Disgusting! But i'm soooooo lazy and we barely have time this Ramadhan. Cos right after break fast, Tufeil needs to go to sleep.

I would be reallllllllyyyy glad if you can share your own Mummy's/Daddy's Walk of Shame in the comments here or at your own blog. Hmmm at least, I won't feel alone at this unbearable feeling. =)

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4 glasses of Juice:

Farhan said...

I sprayed perfume directly into Hana's eye while carrying her and attempting to spray myself. She screamed like crazy and I then forced open her eye to flush it with a syringe filled with water which made her scream even louder and fight me. and then after that she continued crying and crying with her eyes closed and I couldn't see what damage was done which freaked me out even more. She just hung her head and cried and cried with her eyes tightly shut. After that I was so shaken I was trembling and had to go to sleep to calm myself down! I was so terperanjat, it really crossed my mind that I made her go blind!! Anyway, lucky nothing happened la but it was really really scary!!!!

Jussaemon said...

OMG scary indeed!!! and yah thank god nothing serious happened. Hope you were not alone at tt time.

Ashley said...

Funny that pic. Can't really see T on the bed. haha.

Jussaemon said...

lol Tufeil looks like part of the bundle of comforter eh. PLUS he likes to sleep perpendicular like that. Aiyooo